Question about purchasing Killer Pack

Hey! Despite the overpowered Gargos from Challenging and Godlike difficulties, I’m enjoying playing this mode. Yesterday I manage to save 17k gems to buy a Killer pack and got these :

These guys prove to be so good to jump from “easy” to “normal” mode and today was able to grind another 17k and my question is:
I feel like I have enought power with these guardians to keep playing with them so should I buy another killer pack to complete the ones I dont have or should I wait for the other ones “Coming Soon”? Thanks :smiley:

Until you get Fractured Ward, you are never done.


I always get parry on that pack.

Fractured Ward is very usefull against Gargos, I have no used it against him because I didn’t find myself using it on Normal or Challenging but it can save your life a lot of times like it has done with mine during my playtroughs. Is a good idea to have at least 2 epic level Fractured Wards just in case.

One of our guys internally uses Exemplar to completely destroy Gargos. It’s pretty crazy how good it is in that fight.

If you parry all Shadow Portal Punches, you get a very nice health bonus.

Also, not sure you guys saw it in the tutorial video. You get a nice recapture off certain attacks if you parry in the air :stuck_out_tongue:


I was wondering about that recapture. I was watching you parry then saw Jago recapture! I nearly fainted lol

Good to know. Do all of the Guardians have secret properties like Exemplar’s Air Parry > Recapture?



Yeah, that’s something cool. Once you get used to how the Guardians work, thinks like the tutorial video can be done, I know I can use the Exemplar better than how I used it on my fight I uploaded on my YouTube channel but the only thing I can say… Practice makes perfect.

Yeah exemplar is a crazy guardian with the bonus stats and the parry thing but im not used to it, I need to practice it more. Ok then I’ll keep opening packs till I get the armor stacks one :stuck_out_tongue:

Admittedly, not a very good example but when else am I gonna get context to show this off. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m ready for your silly, super fast PPs, hated Shadow Lord.