Question about PC purchasing

Question. I’m wanting to play this on PC (I lack an Xbox) but do I need to buy this from the Windows 10 store or can I access the Xbox store on PC and buy it there (granted if it’s crossbuy). Also how much are the other individual seasons? I’m super pumped to FINALLY be able to play this but I’ve never bought a PC game on something other than steam before.

There’s a topic in this forum talking about that.

If you want, you can buy the stuff directly from the Xbox store and then download the game on Windows 10 when it launches. You get everything without worries.

However be sure not to play on Xbox 1 with your account before the 29th March because, in this case, you need an Xbox 1 in order to transfer your progresses and content to Windows 10.

But if you’re planning to buy Season 3, wait for the PC version. For the other seasons, instead, the price is 20 € each if you want the basic pack (combo breaker) or 40 € if you want the ultra pack.

I’m writing right now a thread in which I explain a couple of thing about KI for PC players, so stay tun(a)ed