Question about online matches


I was wondering how the online matches work.In ranked, is it a server or a player that host? I’m just curious about how it does.
for example: if a player makes a lobby then I assume he/she is hosting, right? so the better connection should always host. However some lobbies won’t let some ppl get in, I suppose because of connection incompatibility?

For instance; in KI I tend to lag much worse with Brazil than Chile. Which is kind of funny because when I play Gears is the other way around.
I do expect lag in online matches, it will be there. I’m just curious of how the game connects players.


Hi Maru.

I think that for Ranked is probably a server that hosts the match. In Brazil our international routes are very limited and congested during specific hours.of the day. Maybe they have a Gears server near us in South America that would explain everything. I also would like to know…

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You are from Brazil right? Maya player? I think we fought some times =O

I know that most servers are located in Brazil, but in KI it feels different so I’m confused. Sometimes I have no lag with some players from the region, but of course it depends on our connection compatibilities. I assume most players I fight are from South America. but it’s incredible that the game is pretty much playable with people who are very far away too (I get to fight many players from USA and it’s funny that we are like 15.000+ kms away and the lag isn’t such a big deal as other games).