Quest options with orange titles let you recruit/trade characters

Just want to confirm, that’s what this means, and the orange text never means anything else. If so I think this is good and should be explained to players in-game so they know to select these missions when they have lost a character.

Ummm what about text that’s in red, purple and orange?

I was under the impression that the color of the text was an indication of difficulty.

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I’m just referring to mid-mission options, not mission selection.

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No, they said it means that that option is the best for your character at the moment. You will get good results guaranteed.

To recruit new members mid game, you need to read the fight descriptions. Basically, the non-mimic fights against other characters, such as the ones where they make you do wagers for astral gems, are typically the ones who offer their help after the fight. It’s not actually indicated by any clear dialogue until after the fight is concluded. It’s usually a mission that has the words “Sparring Partner” or “Rivalry” in them. You see missions with those titles, those are the ones likely to have characters that will team up with you mid game, on the condition you dismiss one of your current characters.

I’m talking about stuff like
-fight the fulgores
-try to remote disable a fulgore (orange text)
-try to flee

I did the second option when I had fulgore on my team and got nothing for it, despite it being the orange text.
presumably because you can’t have 2 of the same character

I didnt even notice the color coding. When and where did they describe what these mean?