Quake Champions

For last few days I played a lot of Quake Champions because I really enjoy it.

Have you played Quake Champions?
What is your opinion?

i play QC here and there. i got in since early beta and have played many hours since.

-fast action
-twitch style
-not ■■■■■■■ COD or any military fps
-pick up n play
-skill based

-champs with abilities now introduce the never ending task of character balance
-tiny champs = equally tiny hit boxes
-rocket launcher has issues with netcode far as i know
-netcode itself an issue
-classic CTF, a MAJOR quake staple…isnt there.

its good, but not great. however i do find it enjoyable nonetheless and i still play it to this day. there is definitely potential, but its walking a fine line into mediocrity.

the champions with their own stats, and abilities really shook things up and it wasnt for the better. quake was all about that level playing field, now you have counter picks and tiers like in a fighting game. still, its pretty fun and as for competitive play im not sure how the scene is due to me having time constraints with work