Q: How do you determine how many ADs a character should have?

@TheKeits / @developers

Q: When making a new character for Killer Instinct, what goes into determining how many auto-doubles the character should have and why? Some characters, like Rash, Arbiter, Gargos, and TJ only have 3, whereas other characters have the standard 6 or more. Please explain.

…I’m genuinely curious.

They determine if they can make each one unique and if they have the moves to do so. If they do,they get 6. No? They get 3. Skmething like that.

I figured it had to do with level of difficulty in terms of countering the character. Obviously characters with more ADs are harder to learn from an opponent’s perspective because there’s more to “recognize” in the moment to break properly (even though there’s still always a 1-in-3 chance to break).

Devs, what say you?

Keits said in an old tweet: “If we can’t get a full set looking great we will combine punches and kicks. Functionally the same anyway”

While I appreciate the responses, I was hoping to hear from IG…

…stupid weekend, making me wait.

The only one we got a reasoning for is Gargos, and that’s because he also has 3 sets of range auto-doubles and 3 breakable follow-ups to his command grab.

I’m also curious why certain character’s auto-doubles are the same animation played twice (ie: Maya’s heavy kick). It’s not like they don’t already have other animations made for that button that they could use.