Put In Probation

Hi I’m KindaBusted and I was put into probation today people disconnecting from me.

I’m a streamer and have proof that I didn’t do anything wrong.

I’ve been playing KI since season 1 and never had this happen.

I’ve also been streaming KI almost daily for almost 2 years.

I was stream at the time of the disconnects Today’s date is 10/26/2017 and my stream is about 3hrs in at the time of writing.

Probation happened just awhile before this.

I have vods on twitch so if you want you can watch and see proof.

As a final note I own and use a netduma r1 router and can see who I connect to.

The matches that had disconnects came from Brazil and Mexico due to high ping which I can also see with my router.

Please help!
Thx for your time :slight_smile:

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NOOOOOO! Busted how could this happen to you! I’ll try to look into this for you. Maybe @rukizzel can help. I don’t know who else to contact for this

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You got a warning or you are no longer receiving points fro a disconnect?

No longer getting points.

I’m pretty sure that while on probation you only do not collect points on disconnects. You still get points for legit wins. I think.

You are correct sir. Essentially all probation means is you stop getting free points for disconnects for the rest of the month. That’s all.

Ahh ok.

I still didn’t do anything wrong to be on probation though.

Now if someone new joins my stream and sees that they’ll think I’m a Rage Quitter.

Anyone who watches me normally knows that I would never RQ.

It happened to me due to a rqing Jagoling.

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Yeah, honestly I think it’s just a poor choice of words to call it probation. Toward the end of Season 1 they would put you in “jail” for rage quitting and you would get some humiliating bars out over your player icon. It was similarly indiscriminate to the cause of the disconnect and so they did away with it.

In any case I wouldn’t worry about it. No one around here is going to think it says anything about you as a player.

Yeah, from what I can tell the system for handling disconnections is a bit weird.

Then again in just about any online game I’ve played disconnecting tended to be a bit whacky. I remember back when I played Call of Duty that if the host disconnected and the game couldn’t find a new host, no one in the entire lobby would get any rewards for the match no matter how well they did, how far the match went on, or what team they were on.

maybe disconnects should onlycount against you if you a higher rank, if not already? people don’t really disconnect on lower ranks

Oooohhh…that’s so not true. I’ve had many and I mean many disconnects from lower ranks. Not saying that there’s no disconnects in higher ranks either

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So I’m not the only one lol dealing with this

Sadly, no, due to an RQing Jagoling I faced at the beginning of the month, I’m stuck in Probation, and sadly now every single time somebody RQs on me, I no longer get points. As a Sadira main, people rqing on you is a fact of life. There is also the issue of matches simply randomly disconnecting. IG really needs to suspend Probation until issues like this are addressed.


oh, sorry, i meant say, a killer won’t disconnect on a lower ranking bronze leaguer except on rare occasions, but a bronze leaguer might disconnect on a higher rank killer leaguer on more occasions when disconnects happen

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