Put all Novellas in the Actual Game?

Sacrifice this post to Gargos if this has already been brought up.

But would people like it if the Novellas were actually added to the ACTUAL game? Like in there own section of the Store & Collection menu?

Would be cool to have them there. I feel sometimes when video games have a lot of ancillary products that aren’t available in the actual game it hurts it (especially ones that add to the overall Lore/story). A lot of players will never look into this stuff if it’s not avaible in-game. The Novellas are quite entertaining and add a lot of personality and depth to the characters… I feel at least.

Again if this post is redundant or totally off base, lob one of Cinder’s plasma balls my way and call it a day.

Love you all like KanRa love a big fat soul…


i hope it does too. games should have their lore in game easily accessible so that people can read it while or after playing for a while

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I agree.

As an example from another game, it always sat wrong with me that Halo 4 had their data logs on the waypoint website/channel, and not ingame. I see what 343i was doing and I commend them for trying something different, but as a gamer (and a casual gamer at that) I know that if its not in-game, I sometimes won’t put up the effort to track down the extra stuff, or even bother with it because it’s too much work to look for (did I mention I’m also incredibly lazy and sloth-like in my walking speed and appearance???)

Again my personal opinion (I also realize that my example is quite different from KI’s Novellas).

If you think I’m a fool, send a couple Endokukens my way once you’ve got your righteous Instinct Meter full, and be done with me :grinning:

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I agree here.

There’s still people out there that think there is no story in KI at all because it’s not in the game to tell them that there is. Hopefully this will help people get up to speed with the lore of season 3.

And while you’re at it I wouldn’t mind them putting the season 1 and 2 backstories in the collection menu too.

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That’s where Destiny lost me, zero story in-game but tons of lore on the Bungie website. Who the hell wants to log on and read the story on a website? Story should be told in-game.


Yes please. Add some lovely art and have them like a graphic novel. Gears of war ultimate edition added some gears comics and they were pretty cool.

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Yes! More story in-game is always a good idea!

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Yeah those extra comics you could unlock in Gears Ultimate were pretty sweet. Something like that would be cool.

Honestly I don’t expect IG to turn the Novellas into graphic novels though. That is ALOT of work (although that would be cool). What they’ve done so far is amazing story-wise. I just think it would be neat if they included them in the game, if possible of course.

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Yeah it would be great if all of the extended backstories and novella chapters could be put in the game that way people who play the game but don’t really come to the forums and stuff could have easy access to them.

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You know what? I’ve changed my mind! I think IG should make it SUPER DIFFICULT to get any kind of story/lore out of the game! Yeah!

  • Only the top 1% of online players can unlock the story endings!
  • All stages replaced with different colour swaps of the training stage. All colour swaps will be a shade of gray…
  • Everytime you log into the game you lose a sentence from every character’s ending and have to win 1000 matches in a row on Kyle difficulty to get a single letter back!
  • Instead of normal intros, all the characters just start screaming “What the heck is goin’ on!?”
  • Instead of normal outros, all the characters just start screaming “I’m still unsure of what the Heck is going on!?”
  • All the character’s names are changed to “who?”
  • All the character’s moves are renamed to “huh?”
  • When a new Novella comes out instead of releasing it on the official KI website, they just save a single copy of it onto a floppy disk and chuck it into a safe at the bottom of the Pacific! One lucky KI fan a year will be handed a snorkel and a busted compass to find it!

Love it! Make it happen Iron Galaxy!

(Kidding kidding! Please don’t do it IG. I’m a horrible swimmer :fearful:)

Yes! I was actually going make a thread about this today! I think having the Novella chapters in game would be fantabulous, as well as the character back stories.