Purge All Humanity - Fulgore Tech Thread

Hype beam your way into this tech thread and share with the community what you’ve found!

This one I can do. You need to learn how to convert everything into a set up. Sweep and destroy medium laser medium kick fireball teleport back into a fireball mix up for example. Grab into a fireball mix up. Fireball ender into a fireball mix up. Wall bounce into a fireball mixup. Blow out into fireball nix up. You just need to learn how to convert everything into a set up. This will ensure your reactor speed is high and you will gain a consistent supply of meter. You also need to know how to switch from rushdown to zoning and vice versa easily.


I’d be happy to train withyou and learn how to do this, if you don’t mind.

I mostly see fireball-teleport used for a left/right mixup, here’s something a little different.


I don’t get this.

High/low/throw with a fireball. If you move forward enough the fireball whiffs and you can mix up low/throw, otherwise you can go for a high/low with the fireball covering you.

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That’s S1 juggle setups. Since the meter charge mechanic is gone, there was no need to use St HK for projectile setups. Not to mention that St HK is breakable now. You want setups off enders or hard knockdowns. It has potential in the right situation though. But something like that is better done off his launcher ender. That way if they go for the breaker bait, you get a whole new combo. Sweep and destroy is decent for some resets here and there but, Fulgore is not a big juggle candidate. One other thing to point out, since you are also already dedicated to canceling the St HK into projectile for the setup, that lowers your chance of reacting to a breaker attempt or counter breaking it. In a game where execution is key, those are a few things I look at for every setup I come up with. How reliable is it, does it work with lag, can they break it, do I need hits to confirm it? Or is it off an ender? Hard Knockdown? Throw? All things you have to consider with a momentum based character like Fulgore.

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Epic stuff there dude!

Suuuuper late response to this but let me tackle everything you’re saying from the top.

  • This is a setup from a hard knockdown. The movelist doesn’t list it as such but 5HK IS a hard knockdown.
  • Sweep and destroy was not the point of the video, it was just a quick way to launch them, so I used it.
  • The startup on 5HK and light laser are close to identical. Any juggle where you could land a high hit of 5HK, you can juggle with light laser and then go into 5HK. On a lower juggle you can still land a medium or light button into light laser, followed by 5HK, so you have options that lead into this that keep it from being too predictable.
  • On the point of reliability, I actually have to concede that it’s a bit tricky to get the exact timing and spacing of your kick and movement together to create a REALLY ambiguous hit/throw situation.

All that being said pushing them out of the meaty fireball for a meaty throw isn’t really something you can’t do without a hard knockdown ender, but it still might be worth using sometimes since the knockdown is longer which gives you an opportunity to create some extra confusion with another teleport or some more meaningless movement.

Yeah spacing is a big issue with it. Ambiguity is one thing, uncontrolled ambiguity means it is harder for you to get exactly what you want from it. I do like the idea though.