Purchasing PC version without PayPal / Credit card

Hi Everyone,

I have a very silly problem… I want to purchase content in-game (PC ver) and i have my paypal account with some funds on it. When i want to purchase any content, PayPal asks me to add a card to the account which i really don’t wanna do for some reasons. Is there any way of getting content on PC? Can I purchase retail S1 for Xone without owning Xbox and use the code to unlock content on PC?

The default Payment option to buy things are set up through your Microsoft account. If your default is PayPal everything should work so long as you have money in it. PayPal really shouldn’t be asking you to add a card so long as you have the appropriate funds to cover the entire cost of your purchase.

Actually it does, the ms store requires credit card information to make payments with paypal.

You can buy ‘in-game’ content with ms gift cards. Thats what i did.

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Same here. I also bought in-game content with just the MS gift cards.

so i cant do anything with my paypal funds without credit card…
well tooks like i wont be playing this anymore

just speculation, but can’t you buy $25/$50 Microsoft Store cards at grocery stores and microsoft stores and best buy and stuff and just enter the code on the card?

im from europe, there are no gift cards to buy here as far as im aware

oh …