Purchasing KI toys together to share the shipping fees. Can we do it?

I have been in other forums where we bought tablets, smartphones and other stuff from sellers from Aliexpress, Banggood, and so on.

These shops always lower their prices when a mass purchase is made, either that or they give free shipping when a number of items is bought.

Could we do that for the KI figurines?

Usually, a trusted member or an intermediary, collects the money from all the buyers via Paypal, and sends it to the seller. The items arrive to this person, and he/she starts distributing them to the actual buyers of the collective purchase.

Is there anybody who has the space/time/ will to do this?

The point is, a non-american fan of the game (because americans only pay 18$ worth of shipping fees, while we foreigners pay as low as 77$ to a maximum of 122$! depending on which country we are.)

Could ultimate source contact an European toy shop so they could act as intermediary for us, in case nobody is up to the task?

Please comment on this, non-american fans of the toys. (Americans gladly welcome to comment if they can share something useful)


I live in murrica and the shipping for Shadow Jago was total murder…

I plan on getting every figure, so combined shipping would be nice :frowning:

For $77 I’d want all the figure’s shipped at that cost.
There needs to be an European outlet so we can get them aswell reasonably.
I got shago at a low shipping cost before it when crazy.
I want the entire line of them but I’m not gonna pay shipping which could be 2 or 3 times dearer than the toy.

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It’s over 200$ to ship to Switzerland which is insane. A friend of mine bought it for me and he only had to pay 45 for shipping. How does this justify the shipping price for such a company when a normal person can ship it to me for 1/4 of the price?


Your best bet will be to contact them directly to let them know your concerns or suggestions:



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Didn’t they say they’d fixed the shipping options? I admit though the pricing is extortion…

Thanks, will do. I have contacted them on Twitter before, but I did not knew of that email.

They fixed the options for some countries, but we went from 177$ to 77$. Still unacceptable. They told me on Twitter they were trying to get lower ship rates, but I’ll wait till Wave 1 releases oficially before trying to contact them. I want to see which final price can they negotiate. I think there were talks of selling the toys outside their official website in third party sellers’ sites.

Thanks for the address.
Gonna hit them up

if they manage that, let me know. I’m interested in picking up Fulgore and the rest of wave one as well.

Yeah think I’m getting Fulgore day 1… and will gradually get the rest. Shipping raising the cost 45% is ridiculous. It weighs nothing.

Coming March 15. Just announced.

respawning this thread now that Wave 1 has been launched.

So, any chance we can do something together? I will contact US about this

I sent them a tweet earlier about combined shipping. Still waiting on an answer @ultimatetoy

Yes please to this!!

I tried ordering a Jago figurine earlier and the damn extra shipment + HST Tax came up to 80+ bucks altogether!

Just… why :sob: !!!

Dunno how Rebello is going to get the figures now that I"m thinking about it. Welcome to Canada lol…

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I have contacted them on twitter


Ask them to include Canada Post as well!!!

That would mean a lot from the hassle :slight_smile:

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Answer from US:

We are looking into EU retailers and hope to have more info next month on it. The good news the figures are not limited so you don’t have to worry about them being sold out. We know the shipping to EU is still a little high and we want to make all our fans happy. We will also try to add even more shipping options in the future

I think they might have fixed the shipping prices for U.S costumers. I just purchased the Fulgore figure (with standard ground shipping) for $50.

Anyway I would be interested in doing this if other people are in, I am looking to get the Spinal figure when it is ready. That one is a must have for me, and if we can get it cheaper that way than I am down

Least you got an answer.
Looks like I won’t be buying any for a long time tho :cry:

Is there any American person here who could try just opening an ebay shop and look up for us how much would it cost to ship to Europe?

If this was my only chance, I’d gladly pay 5$-10$ extra, knowing that the price goes to a fellow Ki fan’s pocket, rather than going to an UPS bank account.

You buy the figure for 30$ and ship for 18$ total 48$. I’d pay you 55$. You earn 7$ for every figure. I’m positive you may sell 100-200 figures, because every one on this forum would buy them from you.

Ultimate Source has told me that they are in talks with european retailers for next month, but… what if these talks never come up arranging a deal? We have to start testing the waters to get the figures on our own.