Punishing Fulgore's Teleport on Hit or Block

Any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll be answering them later at the time of this posting because heading out.

Fulgore cannot pip cancel after a teleport has been used. He has to wait the 9 frames like in the above video.

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Wait. People use teleport like that? When I use teleport,I always have a fireball covering me. I also do the forward Hp into light laser but I don’t teleport after. I do a low light kick into medium laser for safe pressure. How often do you encounter Fulgores who do this?

It’s primarily for example purposes. Highlighting the fact that he isn’t as invulnerable as many make him out to be. When he has a fireball out? Sure, he’s very safe then, but in other scenarios like listed above and infinite number of others, people like to his teleport to catch others playing in a crouching state so they’re vulnerable to things like this.

To answer your second question, in my home state, I have a Fulgore who does this the above scenario.

Just want to help others get over the hump and look for things that they haven’t looked for before.

Some Fulgore’s tend to use it raw in neutral or during pressure strings like this. Teleport->teleport->teleport->stuff is a not-uncommon mixup to run into online. Nicky Vengenz does a version of this tournament as well.

The DP version though seems a bit unrealistic, in that normally if a Fulgore player is going to go for pure shenanigans, ie teleport->DP, in my experience they’re far more likely to just completely commit to it and actually use a pip-cancel to go directly from the teleport to the DP. From the looks of the video, this particular setup is the meter-conscious version, which saves the pip, but also leaves the room for the punish. I don’t think you run into that all that much in my experience. It is good to know though that there is such a wide gap between when Fulgore is allowed to act though. I’ll have to try and work on that timing.

If Fulgore pip cancels teleport with something else, like blade dash, he will probably counter hit your delayed jab attempt? I haven’t tested it though.

If Fulgore doesn’t pip cancel it seems there’s a gap, I just… dunno how you can reliably predict that’s going to happen. I think every time you press a non-invincible button during Fulgore pressure you risk eating it. Also even if he doesn’t use pip cancels, if he back teleports (then teleports in after), your jab will whiff and then you will be much less likely to be on the ball enough to hit the next one. It just seems really hard to stop if the Fulgore is mixing it up a bit, because it happens really really fast.

I’ll definitely look into this. It was my impression that he couldn’t pip cancel from teleports

He definitely can, that’s where all the mixup juice comes from. If he couldn’t pip-cancel from teleports then his offense would be good but not great.

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Even then, it would come down too if you’re willing to risk eating an uppercut or stuffing the startup of an opener, both of which could be countered by using this technique as well.

Guess it all comes down to what are you comfortable with doing.

Oh goodness no. He absolutely gets to pip cancel from teleport.


Realized, and noted above :slight_smile:

@STORM179 and @Infilament

Are you absolutely positive that he can pip cancel after his teleports? I’m in training mode right now, trying to do a Cyber Dash, Eye Laser, or Uppercut and they are not canceling. I’m positive that I’m doing the motion correctly.

He still has to wait the 9 frames before anything comes out.

You cannot pip cancel a teleport. I tested this myself.

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Huh. Well, I was 100% sure, until I took it into the lab just now and was also unable to get a pip cancel after teleport :confused:

Doesn’t seem possible to cancel anything out of teleport, although it’s very possible to cancel into teleport. @TheKeits, was this changed at some point? Or have I just been stupid and wrong all this time? o_O

You can get out of the recovery of teleport with normals or specials or movement before he is even done reappearing, but this is just a feature of the teleport move. It does not cost you a pip to do this, and you cannot use a pip to exit teleport any earlier than normally allowed. It has always been this way.

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Score. Thanks Keits!

Time to start punishing the robot fellas!

This will come in and handy and actually make fighting my brother more tolerable. Knowing him he will have something ready should his teleport fail.

Just try it >: D

Lol now I get to do different stuff now, be ready >:3