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What would be the best concept for creating a psychic character?

We got…

SF: Rose

MK: Ermac & Kenshi

We also have Marvel’s Psylocke, Jean Grey and many others that are telekinetic.

Anyone interested in adding a psychic in KI?

Witch could be cool.

Ermac has been my favorite MK character since UMK3 and I’ve always been a fan of psychic characters in general. In fact pretty much every D&D character I’ve ever made has been some variation of the Psion class. I think a character based on the Soul Bow/Soul Knife class from 3.5 would be really cool where they generate their own psionic weapons for various purposes. Or even a Psionic Shaper where they mold ectoplasm to create various objects would be badass.

I think Edgar or Freia from Phantom Dust would fit right in as a guest character and there could always be an Esper (human with ability to control dust) in the KI universe going forward. MS/IG could make pretty much any type of fighting style they want.

The look is already pretty much right on for KI…



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I’d prefer Psylocke.

A witch/witch-type character especially to complement the sorcerer Kan-Ra in KI :wink:

I’d love a psychic character in KI, but would prefer a break from the norm.

Maybe a girl with a pet poltergeist, an alien grey or Carrie in rage mode.

Or even for Gargos to get some psychic powers. Demons in film often display such abilities.

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What about this one?

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I think I’ll stick to something “Psylocke”.

I see KI’s girls looking a bit like the MK girls.

Orchid - Jade
Sadira - Mileena
Maya - Tanya