PSA Doom for $19

Just a public service announcement that Amazon is selling Doom for $19.99. This is only for the physical version of the game. It has a soundtrack by Mick Gordon (who did KI S1 and S2) and has been well received by lots of folks on this forum. No idea of this is a temporary or permanent deal.


I traded mine in right after I finished it. But I still have all the saved data and the game on my hard drive. I just need the disc to activate it. I might pick this up. Thanks!

Did you seethe new Rise of The Tomb Raider DLC? I need to get that…it looks awesome! I wonder if I have to buy it or if it comes with my old season pass…hmmm.

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Is th soundtrack available for purchase???

Not that I know of.

Thanks. Looks like I will get it sooner than I thought

I didn’t see it. I’m sure it’s great because the game is great. But it took me 6 months just to go through the main game and get like 75% completion, lol.

the advertisements just started slowly rolling out. You can even use the PS1 skin in the main game. Its also supposed to have PS VR compatibility in 1 of the modes?