PSA Combo Assist @ Gamer's World Tournaments

Due to the current build and the current glitch regarding an infinite loop that is going on that I’ve been informed about by other KI players online, until further notice the Gamer’s World Tournaments will have combo assist defaulted to disabled and will stay as such until the mode is patched and refined.


This serving as a bump that is fairly important:

Combo Assist is NO LONGER Banned from tournaments.

I think you got a typo here. You meant “Combo Assist” right?

Yup, thanks for noticing.

Imagine if combo breakers were banned. Wulf would be op.

Ive always imagined a game mode where there was no combos or combo breakers in KI.

Where Nothing “links” after special moves unless the true frame data allows for a manual timing.

I think it would be really cool to see KI played as if it were street fighter. Only Juggles and manuals.

It would definitely highlight spacing and execution more.

I want to recommend this to the devs but im sure NO ONE would back me up on it.

Aganos and Hisako would be Op.

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hisakos parry would only give meter probably.



A world where Thunder can’t be combo broken… yeah good luck trying to have fun with a 9 second match

ARIA would be broken. Base body would just outzone everyone and then go for mix-ups with drones. Yeah…sounds way to overpowered.