Proper time to do dragon grasp ,dealing with zoner characters, and inputs

I’m have a little trouble connecting the dragon grasp in mid combo I think I may be inputting to fast and how do you deal with zoner characters any help would be appreciated

You can only do dragon grasp after a manual or AD. I haven’t done it much myself but when I have practiced it I go the same speed as I would with any special move.

As for zoners, firecracker is your best friend. It will deflect any projectile and shoot a dragon back at them. If it hits they get staggered and you can dash in or if you have a dragon you can dragon kick and dash cancel the end of the move so you are safe. Once you deflect their projectiles it forces them to fight up close.

In terms of how to use dragon grasp, yes, it goes after AD’s and manuals.

In terms of when, I tend to use it after a wall splat ender. I’ll do wall splat->dragon grasp->firecracker ender (doesn’t matter if it’s broken, as I still get the dragon), or use the dragon grasp and then go for a low reset (basically, just input my cr.MK “manual” a touch too late). I’ll also use it for corner positioning sometimes just in general.