Proper soundtrack titles in theme select

A really small request, but I think it’d be better if the themes in Season 3’s theme select were properly titled based on what they were titled in the official soundtracks, rather than just having generic names (“Herald of Gargos” instead of “Omen Theme” for example). To me, it gives the songs a bit more character and could maybe even encourage people to purchase the soundtracks.


I’ll second this. Or at least do something like “The Tiger Warrior (Jago’s Theme)”.


I agree, but I think the reason they did it that way was so it would be easy to know (for more casual players) which track is for which character.

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Actually, that works even better. That way, people unfamiliar with the soundtrack can still tell from a glance whose theme is whose.

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Exactly this. We may know them by the titles, but it makes more sense to generalize them by their character for everyone’s accessibility.
Ok, with the name of the character in brackets it could work, but its not worth the effort considering everything else

Yeah I think the current nomenclature is bland, it would be a lot cooler to have the actual theme names instead. To make sure people know which is which a preview could play after a second when the theme is selected and there could be character icons next to each theme to indicate which character is tied to it.

Eh the effort of changing text should be pretty painless… unless there are missing letters in the font. Unless the length of the string is to long and wont fit on the screen. It shouldnt be much of issure. (this is my assumption anyways)

I think so to. and kind of agree. The current way of naming the songs is much more direct which I appreciate.