Proof that no matter the game people are always going to hate Guest Characters

I didn’t even know this existed.


Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Soul Calibur… there will always be haters (-waves-), but thing is, it sells… so the devs keep on putting them in.

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I can’t really blame them though wehn Street Fighter characters are added to a Power Rangers game.

IMO the main problem with this specific case is that a game that was solely based on the Power Rangers IP just out of nowhere gets turned into Power Rangers VS Street Fighter. I just saw the official trailer shortly after seeing this topic and even I was surprised on how many SF characters were added (even Capcom’s own Monster Hunter World only added Ryu and Sakura as guests). Not since Soul Calibur IV (AKA Soul Calibur VS Star Wars) have I seen such an aggressive push of guest characters in a game; say what you want about most Soul Calibur games, Tekken 7, KI, and NRS fighters, but at least their myriad guests are from various IPs (sometimes even owned by various other companies, as T7 and NRS games have shown).

And I say this as someone who typically tolerates guest characters in games (within reason). I honestly forgot how far can be too far (because I keep blocking Toro and Koro being guests in SFxT from my mind).


Whatever…let me know when KI characters like Jago, Fulgore, etc,. become guest characters.

Their IP, their choice.


It’s a power rangers mobile game… I can’t really see the problem.

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It’s a mobile game? Well, shoot. I wanted it until that statement.

mobile games lol.

BTW almost every chararcter in fighting games ever is a guest to some extent, because they are inspired by, or blatantly ripped off popular characters.

Jago is Ryu which is stereotype martial arts dude

Tusk is Conan/Thor

Orchid is typical Special Forces chick

Fulgore is Predator

Glacius is Iceman

Cinder is Human Torch


To many people that’s not really the same, they only consider a character a guest if they explicitly came from another IP to be in the given product. Honestly only lawyers really see it as your example, since that’s a potential paycheck for them, but a lot people who normally hate guests aren’t throwing shade at Glacius for looking like Spawn or Cinder for being the Human Torch. They’re too busy complaining about Rash, Arbiter, and Raam (I still remember how in other websites people were bashing KI S3’s reveal since they only saw it as “an excuse to add terrible guest characters”).

In a nutshell, semantics is a driving force for some people to hate guests. If they know that character was originally from another IP, then they start complaining about pandering and “wasted slots” on the roster (as an aside, I’ve personally considered a lot of original characters in some games to be bigger “wasted slots” than the guests ever were).

Side note, I have that Power Rangers Legacy Wars game, and it’s pretty fun. Plus, Guest Characters sell the game. To be honest, I wouldn’t have started playing this game again if it wasn’t for the SFV crossover. It got my interest, and I ended up playing it again.