Promotion matches need changes

Plain and simple. First of all – when I was bronze, the promotion match matched me against killer ranks 3 times in a row only to be supremely defeated and set back points. Why should a killer ever be matched against a bronze? This should never happen. It should be capped at the rank you’re promoting into, this seems so obvious it hurts.

Second of all, now I’m silver and the same thing is happening over again, except you get less points for wins so you still have to win another 3-4 matches in a row. So the 3 matches before I reach 1000 points, were all gold ranked players and obviously I beat them all. So now my promotion match hits, and it does the right thing and matches me against a gold player, Master Title. He beats me, I didn’t get bodied, he just barely beat me. So now I lose 150 points and I’m at 850 and I queue into a new match and it’s the same guy who just beat me.

I body him this time. Like BODIED – still silver. That’s beyond retarded.

It’s so frustrating to lose the promotion match even though you been bodying dudes left and right in the league above yours to lose and then have to grind more matches just for the chance again. I mean I was 12 points from 1,000, I beat a gold rank player and it takes me to 1,000 and then I have to do it again?

This is just bad design and it’s super frustrating and is acting as an artificial barrier to the next league. If promotion matches are always going to be a thing, then they at very least absolutely NEED to be a set not just 1 match. If it were best 2 of 3, I’d be gold right now. On that note, why the hell do bronzes fight against silvers and golds when they aren’t at their promotion match? What is the point in leagues if the match maker is going to put you against players in higher leagues regularly?

None of this makes any sense to me – I don’t understand what’s wrong with just using Elo and placing people in ranks based on their elo score – like literally every single other 1v1 ranked game on earth. This ■■■■ is frustrating, no lie and it’s not because I don’t belong in gold because I bodied 30-40 gold players with Master Plaques just to get to the promotion match.

When I finally did win my promotion match from bronze to silver – it was such a joke – I got one of the easiest matchups for my wulf it wasn’t even funny. Now all I’m getting is Glacius/Sadira/Riptor on loop – all of those supremely more difficult than 4/5ths of the possible match ups. The promotion match system in short is counter-intuitive to the actual game.

Take two of the best in the world, they might trade wins. That’s what happens when they get the download. In one match you barely get the read, and then you might lose but actually have the read. Definition of stupid frustrating. What is the point of promotion matches? To make it more like martial arts? In martial arts you get promoted even if you lose as long as it was close – the purpose of the match is to demonstrate knowledge, not to show you’re the best on earth. I don’t even understand the logic of this. Yes, if I keep playing and bouncing off the 1000 point ceiling eventually I’ll end up in the next league, but since that’s where I belong, why make it frustrating for me to bust through the break point?

Honest question – how is that desirable or good design?

Sidenote; the match that formed this opinion was my 4th promotion match to gold league and it ended with both of us in the danger zone. Why should I have to win 4 more games in a row just to get another chance when it was that close? Does nobody else find this artificial slog of a break point frustrating and unfun? Like it’s literally the antithesis of fun to me, bouncing off this barrier numerous times before finally being handed an easy win to bust through to the next league.

Before people come in and say “well it’s too easy to rank up” well I don’t want to make it easier – just less frustrating. I don’t think artificially forcing a break point makes it easier or harder, just more frustrating. I’m obviously not going to suddenly get beat back down to 0, feel me?

For the record – I am a new player [pc player] but I already beat a wulf who is rank 60 for all wulf players on the wulf leader board. He is killer rank, I’m silver rank – that doesn’t make any sense at all.

And what’s the deal with Smurfs anyway – like seriously – I body a lot of players I’m up against, like supreme victories against players in higher leagues than me, but then a bronze comes along account level 12, fighter level 3 and bodies you like they are professional. Never miss a shadow counter/counter-break every break, break every combo you throw no matter the mix up and reset when you try to counter break them. How could someone account level 12 fighter level 3 be that good? Easy, they are killers smurfing. If you’re a killer smurfing, just stop. Play against players your skill level or against players that want to fight you in exhibitions. You lose mega points to smurf accounts, stop wrecking peoples ladders – this actually damages the integrity of the game, if you care about K.I. and it’s community – don’t effin do this.

Sorry for the rant, and no it’s not salt. I’m not mad that I lost, I’m mad at the design of promotion matches. I also love to fight much better players – if I find one in exhibition I rematch until I win. Sometimes it takes 15 matches to win one, but I’ll fight 20 if that’s what it takes, because that’s how you get better.

You won against the killer the 2nd time because by then you learrned his habits; you didn’t have that luxury during the promotional fight the 1st time around…

You don’t say. That’s the point though, that’s why tournaments do best 2of3 and two best 3of5s in the finals. That’s also why once you get into gold they are best 2of3. So why shouldn’t the promotion match be best 2of3?

And I barely lost the first match, we were both in the danger zone and I lost because a phantom neutral jump came out because of latency. I didn’t just win the second match I bodied the guy. Supreme victory with 3/4th of my first life bar intact.

I clowned the guy.

The point is sometimes the better fighter loses the first set, this is common even at the pro level.

The system is what it is. Ranting is not going to fix things. No offense but silver is really easy to get out of. I believe I went 16-2 and Im not that great… also with Omen.

If you think silver is difficult then you are really going to be pissed once you get to the top of gold and promote into Killer.
Doesn’t matter who you “clowned” or what level that Wulf was or is… the rule is you must win promotion match, so just do it and move on.

My advice would be to relax and when you get to or close to promotion…take a break and come back with a clear and relaxed mind. Your frustration may be the one that’s truly defeating you.
Good luck!

Is it weird that every time I read “Good Luck!” on the internet, I hear…

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If a Bronze fought a Bronze and a Silver fought a Silver and so on, then it would defeat the purpose of a worthy challenge. While it may not be fair to continuously fight a Killer as a Bronze it only tells you that the road ahead is anything but easy, and it must be earned despite how high the obstacle. That is the ideal of Ranked, to face challenges and overcome them, despite odds. Adds a great feeling of accomplishment when done so too.

That is the grind. Every mistake costs you, believe me I know but I knew how much was on the line in the next match and prevailed by making critical decisions on the spot that helped me defeat my foe.

If you were “bodying” people left and right and lost on your promotion match, then obviously you were not focused. A promotion match is more intense and has more risk involved so you have to become greater than before, what better way to do this than have you retry by climbing back up?

Acting as a barrier to the next league, hm? Isn’t that sort of the point to Ranked League though? If anything, Season 2 Ranking was awful, anyone could become a Killer in a matter of a few hours without much hassle, took me two. I knew I didn’t belong because…
a.) I didn’t learn anything about advanced techniques and critical decisions
b.) Was overall not ready to compete against Killers due to a lack of experience.

As I see it, the better you do - the higher the likelihood of you fighting against someone of equal to slightly better skill. Wouldn’t be fair if I started a Bronze - already knew the match-ups since I’ve played for a while, face other Bronze and go 10-0.

Seems more rewarding and thoughtful compared to Season 2, also forces the player to become great in all aspects once at the top.

I think you don’t understand your own logic considering your analogy of martial arts is quite off from how you describe it. As, you don’t become something for being “close”. To become a higher degree in Karate, you need to not only demonstrate knowledge, but triumph over your opponent. It doesn’t prove that you are the “best in the world” it proves you had discipline and overcame your opponent through your master’s teachings.

If you keep “bouncing off” then what’s to say you actually belong there yet? Just because you fought people around your skill level while at your current ranking? Once you reach Gold, you will lose - because there you will face mightier opponents.

Defeats the purpose of your entire rant by the end statement. You get better by losing. Simple as that, it is frustrating but you learn - that you cannot deny.

In conclusion, from this rather long and ill-thought-out rant…

  • Rank is brutal, it is done so intentionally.

  • If you continuously lose in promotion matches then making you go back in your same tier to re-learn and improve yourself. This only aims to help you succeed.

  • You will lose, it happens. You may even lose more than you want, but by the end you will learn.

  • I fought someone with 4 Pro Medals, lost horrible during my Gold tier. Fought someone with another Pro Medal once I made it to Killer, won because I had a tremendous amount of experience compared to before.

  • Discipline is key in KI, if you parade and boast about how many people you “body” but then lose in critical moments, then it only shows how you were not focused and your disciple/experience failed you.

  • Once you make it to Killer, after dealing with the struggle of reaching your way up there as most of us have, you will undoubtedly become a better player unlike before. Be grateful for what you cannot see now. As it will only better you against Seasoned Veterans.

“Strength is not born from strength. Strength can be born only from weakness. So be glad of your weaknesses now, they are the beginnings of your strength.”


Because it’s a promotion match for just you, not them too.

Tbh it would feel more logical to me if promotion to certain rank involved showing that you’re capable of competing with players of that rank by defeating one.

Not sure if it honestly bothers me because in the end “gitting gud” universally helps.

You totally miss the point. This is a feedback thread, promotion matches are pointless and frustrating. I’m gold now. No it wasn’t hard it was just annoying/frustrating having to fight the promotion 4 times.

There is nothing frustrating about getting owned, there is everything frustrating when you barely lose a promotion match and then ROFL stomp the same person the very next game.

Think of promotion matches like boss matches. You lose against the boss, you continue and you win you don’t get robbed of completing the game.

In the example I lost against the boss and then beat the boss and got no credit for it.

No matter how good you get, you will lose matches. This is the only universal truth. Winning 10 in a row and losing the 1 on promotion is flat out annoying and artificial.

And yeah, I beat plenty gold ranks when I was silver. Clearly I belonged there (as I am there now.)

Artificially forcing me to fight another x matches for the chance to promote again just isn’t fun. That’s my feedback, posted in the feedback section.

Skill is an aggregate of performance, something promotion matches have no bearing on. The match that I got when I promoted into gold was against a scrub button masher. He was just out right terrible at the game. In fact he was a veteran badge silver and I all but perfected him AND he was lag switching. Compare that to the match right before him vs an untouchable badge gold 50/50 shago that I bodied… Like wtf.

Yeah but you need to look at it like this…Boss match/Promotion match = Winners finals EVO on stage match… regular match against same Boss that beat you = match online while sitting on your couch.

Thats why it matters more… because its seeing how well you react to pressure and in a championship match situation.

Good luck!

It’s no more pressure than any other match. I understand your point it’s just not true. There is no pressure because you can try again in 15 minutes at most.

It’s not like a championship match where there is crazy money on the line and it’s one/two chances a year. It doesn’t emulate pressure because there is no pressure, it’s really simple.

If there was a hard lockout to create real pressure, you’d have people being locked out of promotion because of laggy games or dropped connections or lag switchers and so on. It’s not like every league has tournaments like top 32 in killer. That’s pressure. Promotion matches are just annoying, not the same thing.

I’ve competed so many times in championships in other games. My team won the MLG L4D world championship. My team placed third in North American Star League in Tribes Ascend. I’m immune to fake pressure because I know what real pressure is…

There is no nerves going at a promotion match because fundamentally the promotion match is zero different than any other match that preceded it.

I view it more like an audition, no one cares if you played a song perfectly 100 times before, if you ■■■■■ it up during the audition then thats it, too bad. You can say you can do it and then go home and do it flawlessly but none of that matters, try again next time.


" Git Gud "

But nah man…really… Rank system has a small issue maybe, but I was at killer in a day and a half… maybe 2.

Whats the point of going from bronze to silver to gold, if by the time you reach killer … your still losing. You just want the title

The system seems fine for me… and most guys on my friends list, we all grinded it out for about 2 days and reached killer.

The ONLY problem with the ranking system so far is going 9-1 in qualifiers and still being put into bronze… while my friend went 8-2 and went to gold… THATS the actual problem…
Not just losing cause your not skilled enough.

Well good for you! But you would think since your such a professional you would understand it even more. This is the way it is… they might make a change to it if you give them solutions instead of a rant. rants dont go so well here on the forums
Good luck!

Well said.

What was the competition in both cases?
Well, if that matters, it’s still rather dumb. Effectively player may end up in the wrong league because other players of that level weren’t available…

I did give a solution. Drop the 1000 RP system and change it to elo. Set the leagues at elo brackets. You can’t grind an elo system and people who aren’t killers could never ever be killers. Simple.

The higher elo your opponent the more you gain for winning, the lower elo your opponent, the more you lose. When you reach equilibrium 50%win rate, that’s your true skill bracket. If you hold a 60%win rate, you’d be one of the best players on earth. Then you make matches based on elo and bronze players will never be fighting killers.

No promotions required. Your skill is your skill on aggregate. I reckon most killers wouldn’t even be able to make it to killer. Top 100 players are grand master league, and play best of 5. Top 32 at the end of the reset get pro stars.

Yes in this system you can drop brackets. Yes dropping brackets is a good thing, not a bad thing. It stops people who don’t belong in that rank bracket from holding that rank bracket.

Fixed. Just like chess.

What is ELO? This sounds interesting.

“The Elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in competitor-versus-competitor games such as chess. It is named after its creator Arpad Elo, a Hungarian-born American physics professor.”

It’s the system they use to rank chess players and it’s proven to be the best skill rating system on earth for 1v1 games.

It doesn’t work well for team games because it rates performance by win %. It is however the closest system to perfectly accurate for 1v1 play.

The problem with elo is it doesn’t sugar coat your skill. So killers that don’t belong in killer will find themselves in high silver. People like progression and the only way to progress through an elo system is to get better.

I don’t think I’m good enough to be gold, but here I am holding the untouchable plaque. The thing is, k.I. uses elo at its base. You beat a killer at gold you get more points than if you best a button masher which might give you 1 point. The issue is you can’t drop ranks and they artificially installed promotion matches as an excuse to justify why you can’t go backwards.

It’s toxic. People who hold high ranks like killer because they got nothing but easy sets think they are good when they are in fact not good. The system is just outright stupid all the way to its core.

The qualifier is using elo to place you. If you best people with poor elo it doesn’t matter if you go 10 and 0 you’re still getting bronze.

It matters your opponents elo value, not your win %. Qualifiers should match your first game against low elo, second game higher elo, if you win both, third game should go high tier. It doesn’t do this though, it just matches you with the most conveinent matches and your placement suffers because of it. I went 8/2 and came out a button masher. Defeats the purpose of qualifying.

I have to say too though, that even though I went 8/2 I was still firmly garbage at the game. It just put me up against even worse garbage.

I’m competent now, but still can’t reliable react break low popularity characters.

Interesting… sounds like the way the system was before the Ranked leagues? Kind of?