Promotion match penalty remains dumb

I got dropped down to gold for inactivity so I’ve been slowly chiseling my way back to the top of the ladder in my spare time. Got to my promotion match, lost and dropped three hundred points.

This is dumb and it’s poor design. The promotion match is completely random. Anyone who makes it to the top of the ladder will make it there again and again (unless they just don’t bother because it’s too stupid). If you don’t want these people promoted then adjust the system so it’s not so easy to get to the top of the latter. Don’t put a random 50/50 mixup at the top which is 10x more valuable on loss.

I’ve grinded my way to Killer twice already, with two different characters. I have no complaints about getting bumped down for inactivity, and I don’t care very much about the label. If I wasn’t good enough to be a killer I wouldn’t worry at all. But I can win ten matches in a row against the same guy but if I lose to that guy in my promotion I drop 300 points back for no reason. I have a gold tier record if 77-44. Not stellar. It guaranteed to get me back up to the top of the ladder if I play more matches. I’ve been having fun moving upward through the half dozen or so matches I can play every few days. But it’s just irritating to put so much emphasis on one random match. It doesn’t make me want to play more and try again. It makes me want to go play a game that likes me back instead of just trying to grief me.


Yeah I remember last time I made the climb I gt knocked down twice at the promotion to a 4 star killer. THen the 3rd promotion was against a low level gold and I decimated him. It was so …boring…like it had no hype or anything.
I think it should be a guaranteed Killer you have to fight… even if there are no killers available…well I guess you dont play the match… you have to wait. NO settling for a Gold player in promotion. But with that waiting for a Killer… you dont loose 300 points… you loose 50.

Or you could go play it on Steam and breeze your way to Killer and grab a top 32 star like some on here have admitted to attempting this month. lol

But yes it is a bad design but I know you will prevail. Just keep kickin asss


I’m still not quite sure who this benefits anyway, is it the player, meaning if you’re out of practice it won’t sting so bad playing against Killers? (though you get those as any rank anyway so I doubt this is the reasoning) Is it purely to make sure you keep coming back to Ranked? Some arbitrary thing about keeping pro stars? (I’ve never had one so I wouldn’t know.)

It seems daft that making sure you log on once per month before the reset and playing one match (even if you lose) is enough to keep your Killer rank. It’s cool being a Killer and all and I actually like that the system does reward good play in places (unlike SFV which always felt like a punishment with the numbers making literally no sense) but sometimes I guess it does feel like a hollow victory when you see some of the player’s insane set ups and inhuman reaction times out there and wonder if maybe there should be a rank higher than Killer. I enjoy being able to keep my rank, but it’s a very oddball system indeed.

I mean, every system has its flaws, but it’s weird that if you log on once a month and lose a match you are killer but if you don’t log in you drip ti gild. Then that same match you could lose as a killer and stay a killer if you get it in your promotion match you lose 300 points.

Thanks man. I know I will too, if I just keep playing. That’s part of the problem - I just don’t know if I want to bother.

Anyway, it’s probably not a good idea to start a vanity whining thread. But I was reminded how bad this was.

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Man you shouldn’t have any issues making it back to the promotion match. All the gold players I face are fairly average unless its someone making the climb again in disguise somewhat. Its the killers where I find that every one is just playing awesome and doing everything right.
There really are some great players out there…and I know they are good because Im no slouch and I get wrecked a lot in Killer ranked.
If you play it on steam you could prob get a top 32 star! I heard there were only 42 killers last week?

Back when the whole Ranked system was changed, I had a glitch that caused me to have to requalify every day and thus every day, I had to make that very same climb back to Killer. Granted, I always made it back to Killer, although I was reported several times for smurfing. :frowning:

Personally I think it is foolish to get penalized for not playing. If you’ve earned Killer, you should stay in Killer, period… unless of course you choose to requalify yourself.

Personally, I think this ranking system lacks real diversity, but that’s just me.

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I made it back to Killer tonight. To highlight the stupidity of the system, this time during my promotion match I fought a gold player who gave up halfway through the first match and then dropped out. Doesn’t feel like much of an accomplishment compared to any other fight that I actually won…

Edit: lol. In my first match as Killer I ran into the same silver Shago who beat my Jago the other night. I chose Glacius and won on a counter breaker.


Yeah so basically the same thing that happened to me. Very uneventful to say the least.

Have you had any issues with Xbox live just disconnected suddenly? Its happened to me like 7 times this week. It just suddenly says "You are not connected to Xbox live"
But when I go to the home screen I can still see everything and im connected to the internet.

THe xbox page says there are core service issues… Im hoping thats what it is…just wish they would fix it soon.

I haven’t had hat problem this week but it has happened to me in the past.

Man its bad! Just happened again…2nd time in the last 2 hours. Its not my INT either. No other devices are on and that problem i used to have with the speeds…that has been fixed for 3 months or more.
(When we lowered our cable bill a few months ago out INT speed went from 105 mps to 75mps. Now its been a solid 86 mps since with no fluctuation in speed lower than 80mps)

Honestly if I had to guess …MS must be doing some tests for their new update rolling out for the XBX.

Ive never seen XBL so messed up till the last couple months.

It goes through this periodically, but sometimes its regional. If they are saying core service disruptions that’s the cause. There’s nothing worse than running all over your house testing the internet and adjusting router settings because of Xbox Live and then you wake up the next day and it’s just magically better. It isn’t you - it’s Xbox. Don’t chase it around.

Oh yeah I m not chasing it… first thing i did was check Xbox site… but the other day I was def chasing it! lol
Sucks because it dropped in a ranked match earlier so IM not sure which way the pints went.
Then it dropped just on the home screeen…and then again just now while watching Ray Donavon on the Showtime app.

IM about to try and play Falliblejoker in out WTF match… I def dont want ti do drop during my match.

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Yeah Xbox crashed on me tonight. Logged me out and everything. Match making has been bogus as well with nothing but silver and bronze players. When I finally face a killer the game crashes. it happened 4 times in a row. I got put back in probation and then got booted out of Live.

Thats what it keeps doing to me…Logging me out of XBL… even just stopped and said “DO you own this Disc or app?” If so please insert now"

like really? WTF??? lol

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