Promotion Match from Gold to Killer in Season 3

Just wanted to share this to cover the Promotion process from Gold to Killer as well as to show off some of the new Season 3 balance changes w/ Aganos.

Currently the 10th person to reach Killer in Season 3.


I want to reach killer again so bad.

Somewhat unrelated but I have a quick question. Lets say you are a Gold with 500 points, and then you lose, do you get demoted to silver?

You cannot be demoted.
You won Gold, you stay at least Gold.
Except if you choose the requalify option.

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Oh ok cool, thanks for clearing that up for me!

This is true of Killer rank but I don’t think it’s true of the others.

If you’re inactive as a Killer for one month (You dont play any ranked matches within that month) you get demoted to Killer. This doesnt happen for the other tiers

Yeah, that’s true, but I’m just talking about being demoted because you lost a lot of games.

You can’t ever be demoted from Killer for losing, but I’m pretty sure you can be demoted from Gold to Silver by losing. It was supposed to be that special perk of getting to Killer (that your rank was safe from losses).

You get demoted to killer?

Did that change? Because I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the case in S2. Lost a BUNCH of matches when I was Gold, stayed in 0 points but never got demoted.

Yeah, I don’t actually think you can get demoted. At the very least, don’t think I’ve heard anyone mention that happening to them, and MANY player have complained about being “stuck at 0” for long stretches of time.

Impressive play as always @CStyles45 :slight_smile: That was great use of recycling - haven’t seen anyone else really put it to work yet.