Projectile-Cross up Strategies

One of the things I’ve been dealing with has been some of the nastier tech from Omen and Fulgore players: projectiles into slide cross up or projectile +/- eye laser into teleport mix-up respectively. I haven’t yet been able to figure out if I can actually block these mix ups. I know that you can block Gargos’ minions if they are behind you and that you can block Spinal’s bouncing skulls. But what about these more linear, traditional projectiles once the characters get on opposite sides? Is it possible but just difficult?

Furthermore, what can Jago do? With the mediocre back dash and no teleports what strategies do you use? Try and time a throw to use the invulnerability (even possible)? Jump and eat an anti-air because it avoids a grounded combo? Do your best to uppercut? … curse loudly?

Am I just stupid and should just jump away? Please tell me it isn’t this simple… or maybe do?

You always have to block the opponent. If they throw you a proyectile and are already in the opoosite side that’s were you have to block, not the proyectile side but the opponent. The problem is when the proyectile it’s a meaty, and it’s a bit harder to block. Fulgore can also make you guess which side he’s going to appear after teleporting and can get a litte frustrating. Since both have no recapture maybe eating some fireballs isn’t that bad, avoiding eating a full combo of course.

I think part of my problem is just having to be faster with my direction chance. It’s a nasty set-up, regardless. I think I would rely on blockstun to save me from a throw mix-up as well.

PS. I think we’ve played a few times before. Been a while, but your Wulf is a beast if I remember correctly.

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Setup a replay in training to stop it. Or learn how to block it. Depending on the player, they may adjust their timing to throw off your blocking, that’s how mixups work. Every character has to deal with them and find their own way around it or block. Omen is much easier to block as he has no grounded overheads. If he jumps is when you have to stand. Fulgore on the other hand is a different story. There are plenty of options though. Just have to find them.