Profile pictures, then and now

Go ahead, show your first profile picture & your most recent profile picture
I’ll start things off, since I just made a new pic for my profiile.



I had four if I remember correctly. But my favorites are these two:


Cowboy Bebop

Jean Kujo will be my next one. Mira hype didn’t last for me. Lol.


My first one was…

Which is the original theatrical poster for John Carpenter’s Halloween (My favorite movie)

but I soon later changed it to my current avatar…

Because I figured since I was on a KI site, I should use a KI pic repping my favorite KI character :slight_smile:

My first one

And them my second and way less messed up one

Mine actually stayed the same. :slight_smile:

That first one though…

I had a bunch of profile pics:

The one I am currently using:

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I’m still using the same one.

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My first one is of our lord and ruler himself. Gargos is good. ALL THE TIME.

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