Profile picture question

I’ve done a bit of searching but have yet to find anything on this.

When I first linked my account with Xbox live my profile pic was my avatar pic. I updated my avatar a few weeks ago and went into the options on this site to see if there was a way to update it here. Now I’m just stuck with the “letter” pic.

Is there a way to rest my profile pic to be my avatar ?

I don’t think there is. But don’t worry, You can change your pic to be anything. Be Creative! People will know you by your Profile pic if you are consistent on the forums. :smile:

Yea if you really want the avatar pic maybe you can find an image of it and upload it as your profile pic here? Sorry of that’s not much help, but it’s something at least.

Thanks guys.

Looks like il have to find a pic to upload instead.

I’m having the same issue. @moderators is there really no way to reset your avatar to your Xbox live pic?

Lame yea I’m having the same problem now.