Problems with Teredo on Xbox app

Hi everyone, i new around, i recently downloaded KI for the PC, i have not been able to find a single match online, i found out that im not getting a Teredo address on the xbox app, ive tried every single fix i could find on the internet with no success, i tried all the suggestions from xbox support, forums etc., acoding with windows the Teredo adapter is working, but the xbox app is not getting any address.

I have uninstalled and installed multiple times, diferent ways, and it still doesnt work, so im open to any tip anyone can give to me, i just want to play online.

The thing that got my Teredo to work was using this command in the Command Prompt (Admin).

netsh interface teredo set state enterpriseclient

I have to do that everytime I reboot but it gets me an address. Give it a go :slight_smile: