Problem with Kim Wu shadow linker and shadow ender

ok well a bunch of us are gonna need some explicit examples of how to use these things. it’s just not as intuitive how to integrate them into a mixup game. So what makes Kim special is the ability to do different combo cancels… I (and probably a bunch of other new players) still don’t get it

I actually don’t know if I would bet on this - there’s only so many buttons to use on a controller, and the intended effect of the cancel is actually really strong. I think you are better off just learning to do shadows with two buttons instead of the 3P/3K macros. :confused:

So a really simple but effective way to use the dragons within combo is within your shadows. Let’s say you start a combo like so: opener->AD->shadow

But let’s say your opponent begins to break you shadow - you hear “ONE…TWO…” Now with other characters your options are to (a) let it rock and hope they don’t really break your shadow, or (b) chance it on a counter breaker. But with Kim and a dragon, you can just hit 3K at that point and she’ll dragon cancel. Shadows have a lot of hitstun, so you get a free manual coming out of the dash into the rest of your combo. This also has the added benefit of screwing with the timing of a shadow break, and lots of players will wind up giving themselves a timing lockout as a result. Kim hits like friggin’ truck, so any lockout against her is incredibly dangerous. So the above example combo could resolve itself into something like this:

opener->AD->shadow (partial)->dragon cancel->manual->linker->ender

But if your shadow occurred earlier in the combo, you’d have even more time to capitalize on a hypothetical lockout situation. And this doesn’t just work for shadows - you can cancel at any point in the combo, which means you can toss out a heavy (recognizable) AD, dragon cancel it before they try and break, and then keep your combo going afterwards. This example could look like this: opener->linker->heavy AD (partial)->dragon cancel->manual->linker->AD->ender.

These are some of the kinds of things you can do within combo with dragon cancels. It takes a bit of practice and getting used to, but it’s really strong. And once you’re in instinct, you can do similar things with shooting dragon cannons mid-combo. It’ll stagger the opponent, and then you get another free manual with awkward timing out of it.

Hope that helps in clearing it up a bit for you :thumbsup:

I watched Sanjam Kim Wu video- no help when he just defines it and he literally just says ‘cancels’ and shows the dash like 3 times and says ‘do this’ or do that, go where you want’ it’s frustrating.

I think I’m just going to go back to Sadira and Maya and Hisako if I want powerful combo setups and wins especially if im in ranked.

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Yup, same here, sadly, tragically, Kim is becoming my number 3 character, if that. Cancelling out of shadows is nice but not really something that even has to be done in newbie land. I do appreciate throwing out tons of dragons in combos during instinct, though. Orchid is my shadow and I’m getting into tj. They are a ton more intuitive and easier to maximize than ‘Kim Cancelforwut’ I’ll surely keep an eye out for more dragon cancel strats though.

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I’m agreeing. Kim just needs a projectile with a dragon to choose whether she WANTS a cancel for those that play like that, or us casuals that just want maybe a reward for performing the firecracker ender. What’s the point?

I’m not asking devs to change her because I know that’s not going bg to happen. It just resolves that I thought she might replace my current mains yet she’s an awesome addition! Otherwise I like her design and fluid mobility, but that one… thing… everyone else is kinda straightforward im usually great with learning curves -

Not everyone is technical and it’s actually as jarring as those who complain about level 4 Enders. Talk about being disoriented when you are doing well advancing to a king combo and you drop it because you just mistakenly cancelled only to have a cheap sabrewulf blast an ultra from a 10% health bar

Maybe I’ll feel differently as I move her past level 30. She’s absolutely fun if I don’t touch the cancel. She’ll just look pretty with dragons always circling her. Lol

So, I forgot some other players started a tech thread, where all the videos so far show examples of dragon cancels. Canceling dragon seems to open up a whole different set of combos Is There Anything I Can't Do? - Kim Wu Tech Thread

Ok I set practice mode to have Kim vs Kim on hard and she really doses out the tech.

She does use cancels much, still can’t grasp yet but I will try to understand

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whyyy did i not think of that, cpu vs cpu is was awesome in mkx as well. gonna fire that up next time i play

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And its as great as playing a hard shadow until kim is included finally for shadow mode.

I usually get antsy watching cpu vs cpu lol

So is that just FP + LP dragon dance+FP + LP dragon dance+FP + LP dragon dance+dragon kick?

Is that unbreakable?

Re posted in Kim Wu tech thread (which I thought this was sorry). It’s the anti air down HP then light dragon dance. It’s easily breakable, but juggles are harder to break in season 3 and is good counter breaker bait. Plus as the first one show you can end with sweep early if you with for the hard knock down.

Oh ok

the problem I have indicated, is presented more if I want to run an ultra internship with a dragon. In this case 3 buttons are needed and there is no other choice.

I have the same problem, I think is because I use the regular xbox pad and I am not very precise doing the quarter circle