Problem with Kim Wu shadow linker and shadow ender

when i use the shadow dragon kick or the shadow dragon dance during a combo, if I own a dragon, my combo is interrupted and replaced by an annulment…then remain in front of the opponent, found out … I find it very frustrating.


Kim’s linkers throw me off, I notice her dragon kick opener sometimes doesn’t always work or the input gets replaces by her split kick when in combo and trying to link. There is also way too much effects on her nunchucku so it is hard to tell how to break what.

If you’re getting a dragon cancel in your shadow, it means you’re somehow managing to hit 3 kicks while the shadow is active. Just slow down your fingers a bit and you should be fine. The dragon cancel ability is actually super strong when you control it - basically means you can never break one of Kim’s shadows unless she wants you to. Use the cancel to generate timing lockouts, and then go to town with the rest of your combo.

Dragon dance (overhead split/double kick opener) turns into the split kick within combo. No matter what strength you use, the linker version of the move is always the split kick, which will hit 1-3 times depending on the strength used.

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too uncomfortable, you should do something to change this problem, I’m finding bad to play with Kim Wu, always it makes me the cancellation insurance, and I combine disasters

I’m not entirely sure what you’re saying here to be honest, but if you want to play Kim it’s something you’ll have to do - you can dragon cancel out of any grounded move, so you’re going to have to learn to control/pace yourself regardless of what you’re doing if you have a dragon stocked.

But yeah, not entirely sure what you were saying above. Are you using a Google translate or something like that?

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If you are using a pad and use the left trigger for shadows I think it the dragon cancel will have priority over shadow moves. Since, in default, the left trigger is a shortcut for all 3 kick buttons it will think you are doing a cancel.

Try pressing the two face kick buttons or the the right trigger and one of the face buttons, together for a shadow move.


yessss :slight_smile: damn google

I did not think about it! the shadow moves require two buttons … it’s true … :open_mouth:

No problem man. Glad I could help!

Can’t wait to get home and level up more Kim. I need those Xtreme boots

This has cost me more rounds than I care to admit. I know now I should use the two face buttons, but sometimes I simply forget. Really frustrating tbh.


Two-button shadow moves only, NOW we know. This tip needs to be patched into the game itself. Gotta be losing a bunch of casual interest due to this

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certainly it is difficult to remember this thing alone with kim wu.

Huh. I’ll be honest - I didn’t even know you could use the 3P/3K buttons to get shadows until months after I started playing. Using two face buttons always struck me as fairly intuitive.

In any case, I doubt interest would wane over something like this.

I have to admit I find her dash rather awkward and wish the dragons gave her a unique small fireball like Laura or SOMETHING other than I’m in a combo and I’m just dashing for no reason, and I try to dash in air and it’s nothing. Or maybe if the dash was available for retreat like Shadow Jago.

Maybe I need to watch Keits’ reveal more but the firecracker ender doesn’t seem to have much damage only to get a dragon that has such a weak ability.
The 3P parry dragon gain is also nice, but again, I think the reward should be greater

Her (DK as I like to call it)QCF+K,(also known as Kim’s airbuster)
I like the 3 strength heights but like Orchids blockade runner slide, I’d prefer if it didn’t go all over the place, and just traveled different lengths (like orchids slide) as opposed to height. I find myself flying to places I didn’t intend so mostly I just use the LK unless I’m fighting Aganos because I end up floating up to the sky with no chance of recovery and the 2p has opportunity to open a combo. Therefore, for my play style, QCF+K is only used as a move outside of a combo or an ender-

I just crave a QCF+P alternate firecracker

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The different angles of dragon kick let you actually anti-air with the move - it’s one of the best and most damaging AA’s in the game at midrange. It’s a punishment tool plain and simple when done raw - you shouldn’t be using it in pure neutral period unless you’ve got a dragon to get a mix-up off of it.

While it would be cool to be able to fire off dragon cannons whenever, I can see why they don’t let you. It’s a super fast screen-clearing projectile that staggers and covers the entire screen in moments, and can be used in combo to create hard-to-breakables. Dragon cannon is really, really good - good enough that it makes sense that it can only be used situationally.

I agree that firecracker is minuscule damage, and I wish it didn’t push Kim so far away, but it’s pretty false that what it gives you is “weak”. Kim’s dragon cancel is her secret sauce - it’s what really makes her special as a character. She’s actually pretty one dimensional until she gets dragons to cancel with, but once she’s got those she gains a ton of versatility. Watch a few streams of people playing Kim to get some ideas on how to use her cancels. If you’re tossing them out kind of randomly, then you need to slow yourself down and be more deliberate. She doesn’t get to stock a ton of dragons, so you need to make them work once you have them.

So I was having the Dragon Cancel instead of Shadow problem as well, and I realized what my problem was.

I tend to buffer my moves A LOT, since the KI Combo system allows for this. So I’d tap the button for my Auto Double and then immediately input the Shadow command using the Left Trigger for Triple Kick. But because my input registers DURING the Auto Double, the Cancel takes priority. Once I slowed down my inputs, and only input the Shadow Command once the Auto-Double had finished, I saw an almost 100% success rate.

TLDR Slow your inputs and don’t buffer like this mad fool.

I’m talking about the dash it always comes out Ina combo wen I don’t want it. I feel the dash should be assigned to a command or buttons other than 3K

I have this issue as well. Some of us don’t believe in pressing only two buttons for shadow moves. I have always used the all-3 kick/punch macro for shadows and actually, for the longest time thought that was HOW you had to do shadows. It took me a long time to realize shadows were done by pressing only two, because that makes no sense on a controller to press two buttons with one thumb.

I guess the only fix for now is to only use the firecracker linker, but that leaves us missing out on the faster shadow for lockout purposes.

I am sure IG will find a solution :wink: