Problem with controller since Shadow Lord update

Hi I recently had a problem as you read in the title my controllet doesn’t work anymore since the update, however i’m using a ps3 controller with ds3 tools, wich worked perfectly before and still works on other games like SFV but not on KI (tried with another controller just to be sure and same). I already tried to reinstall the game and ds3 tools. So if anyone has a solution wich doesn’t include buying a xbox controller I’d be grateful.

as in like the comp is not recongizing the controller or ds3 app? or something else?

The game doesn’t react if I use my controller for when it says “press start” for exemple but if I use my keyboard it works so it’s only the game that doesn’t detect the controller

so u mean killer instinct doesnt recognize the controller, but the comp does since u can play sfv on it? use a program like xpadder or something then

Nevermind, I used SCP and now it works. I guess the problem came from DS3 even if I don’t really know why.

some inputs are not responding very well. they promised a huge fix on patch 3.5 . lets wait then

xbox controller with problems on d-pad…

I’ve had a thread in the general forums for about 5-6 weeks. After shadow lords my xbox fight pad stopped working, but it still works fine in evry other game (SFV, MKX, GGXrd). Rukkizel responded saying they’re looking into it but Xbone fight pads/sticks seem to be fine. I can get around it if I use joy2key to remap the keyboard bindings to my controller, but I’ve been told it adds input latency.

of course xbone stuff is going to be fine, its microsoft

It wasn’t fine for quite a while.

The general gist of the whole overarching PC support drama has been this:
Starting off KI would use anything most other PC games would accept, but not XB1 fightsticks. Support was promised to come later. It did in the Win 10 anniversary update, but the driver engineers for some reason kept the XB1 fightstick as a separate entity from most PC controllers, which also meant the KI team had to further alter things on their end to make the game work with the new drivers. And apparently somehow in the process of making the game accept the wonky Fightstick drivers it stopped accepting other forms of non XB1 input.

But I hear that all the kinks are supposed to be ironed out in the next update.

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