Problem with challenging my Friends Shadow

Hi Guys,

Im recently playing alot KI with my friend and we play together alot, now when he is offline I would like to challenge his Shadow.
However when I go to Shadow Lab, then to Challenge Shadow and Sort By Friends, it says that he has 0 active Shadows.
When I go to Sort by Score - Points, and then filter that list on my friends only then I suddenly can see and challenge his Shadow, but I can do this only once every 24 hours which is a bummer. Even if I select the free without points option. The other way around it does work, and he can challenge me for free as many times he wants in a row without the 24 hour limit, unless he chooses to fight for points.

Is it a bug that i can not see his active shadow in my ´Sort By Friends´ list, or is a certain setting stopping this?
He plays KI on Windows 10 BTW, and I play on Xbox, but this shouldn’t be a problem?

Thanks already for thinking with me, cheers

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Do you have enough shadow points to challenge him?

Do you have your privacy settings set correctly?

does he have his privacy settings set correctly.

There is an old Shadow Lab thread that tells you were to go to make sure your privacy settings are correct. I would search for it and check to make sure.

It sounds like the issue is simply that he doesn’t have an active shadow. Perhaps he deleted it or lost the data somehow.
Should probably check in with them about.

The last person I added to my friends list would always show 0 Shadows in the list. Not sure if that’s still the case, but it would show the correct number of Shadows after I added someone else or after a certain period of time.

Yes I have enough shadow points to challenge him, I challenged him for 50 points earlier, and then again i have to wait 24 hours till next time. It doesn’t give me the option to challenge him again, either for free or for points because of this notification. Still if I go to Sort By Friends in shadow lab it doesn’t say my friend has got a shadow, even though ive played it many times! I do have the option to rematch if he beats my shadow, but its annoying to have to keep waiting for that because I want to practice. He has his privacy settings set correctly also.

I have read somewhere that someone had a similar problem, as soon as he added someone new in his friendlist with a shadow it seems to pass on the issue to the latest added friend, but if this is the case with me I am not sure. I would like to try to see if this would solve it, I can be added on GT ZebaZjuh , much appreciated! This sounds like the issue you are referring to @ DoobyDude23 !

Go ahead and add me, see if that helps.

Cheers man I will do asap when im home :slight_smile:

Thanks for accepting my request. Now it gets even stranger, I can see your 2 shadows, Rash and Sabrewulf. And still with my other friend it says 0 Shadows available :tired_face:

Then your friend just doesn’t have a shadow,simple as that.
If you can see other people’s shadow, then it’s not an issue with Shadow labs.
Unless your friend actually makes a shadow, they won’t have one for you to fight.

I keep explaining that he has a shadow, why else can i compete against it once every 24 hours for Shadow Points? I can play the rematches when he beats my shadow, but still I can’t see his active shadow in the ‘Sort by Friends’ tab

I didn’t see that, and I apologize. :sweat:

Well, I would say if you’ve already challenged him once it may not let you challenge them again, but the friends on my list still show up after I’ve challenged their shadow.
Unless the issue is something simple like not scrolling down far enough, I’m at a loss. I dunno if I have any help to offer.

Maybe put this down in the Official Bug Report thread so the @developers could look into it.

Yes maybe it is a sort of bug indeed. Maybe still like someone else had that if you add more friends that then somehow suddenly it works with other friend shadows. If you like to try you can add my GT, thanks!

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I’ll never turn down the opportunity for more friends/Shadow Sparring partners! Consider yourself added!

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Nice ! Thanks man :slight_smile:

We have tried to test if it makes a different if my friend creates a second Shadow, and apparantly this seems to work, i can now challenge and also finally select the ‘spar friend for free’ option :slight_smile:

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