Problem in Finding Matches (WinStore Version)

Hi everyone. I’m having some connection issues on KI.

I cant find any matches. The game stays on ‘search for oponents’ forever. This happens since the beggining of march. It happens on Raking or Exhibition.

I’ve looked on xbox app and everything is fine. Nat is Open all is connected and working.

Any tips?

Are you a member of the Insider Preview Program by any chance?

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No, I’m not. This windows 10 is on Stable Versions.

Bruh, remind me, is latency suppose to be that high? Is it only impacting your performance with KI? Also, does your KI match the current updated version?

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Astronomic latency! O.O Or maybe a secret code…
Where are you from? It has been finding matches for me and I’m far from the biggest playerbase.
I hope you can find a way to get matches =S

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That latency value is strange, I agree. But It changes if I run the test again. It stays around 100ms.

I’ve never had any previous problems with Online KI. It worked very well.

You nailed the problem. The game was outdated. I’ve update the title from store app and now it’s working. Thanks a lot!


100 is fine then! =D
Good to know it’s working again

Are you from Brazil? We might play maybe XD


Yes, I Am! Just add me on Xbox and we can play for sure. I don’t have to much time to pratice, I mostly plays one or two days in the evening.

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