I want to see if I’m not the only one, but I was playing tonight and was rage quit on several times. After about the 4th one, I was put in temporary Probation for suspiciously winning to much. Really!? So now I have to wait till the tier resets at the end of the month to have my wins count towards my rank score. I hope this is a bug that will be fixed as I am a little frustrated with this idea.

Same problem here. Played 10 matches yesterday. Few rage quits later and I was put on probation.
This really sucks.

May want to report that as a bug. I don’t think they’d Probation you for winning. It’s apparent the rage quit counted as a disconnect some how.

I experienced 3 disconnects in 30 minutes with a message telling me that “Opponent Disconnected, Returning You to Main Menu” or something along those lines. After the 3rd or 4th disconnect I received a warning message for “Suspicious Wins” based off of disconnects and if I kept it up I would be put on “Probation”.

What the crap is going on?

Xiter! Been caught cheating… (Not me lol)

I just also had the same issue. I kept getting matched with some crybaby who kept raging and now it’s telling me I’ll end up in probation? Fantastic.

This happened to me today got a warning, had several people rage quits tonight but what i really do not get is that KI had a system that knows who actually quit so why are people who are not quitting getting penalized ?

I get a lot of RQs - this hasn’t happened to me yet, but I really hope it never does.

@rukizzel - any word on this situation? My Hisako elicits a lot of salt and I’m honestly terrified of an unwarranted probation warning.

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Same happening here ppl rage quit alot or quit atm when they just found the match(not on purpose.
Now I get the probation warning aswel.
Just meh…

Hope this get fixed.