Probation warning

So, been getting a message recently that’s telling me that I’ve been winning a lot of matches involving disconnects and that I’ll be put on probation if it continues.

What exactly does this mean and why am I getting it? Anyone who’s played me knows I don’t ragequit, nor do I play unfairly… I don’t wanna get banned from ranked matches…

Don’t you only get a win if the OTHER guy DC’s/ragequits?

Exactly. That’s what’s got me confused. Like, why am I getting the notification about this when I’m just trying to play?

Its happened to me becasue some one else rage quit against me. Also had someone disconnect during the character select… I got the points and then hours later I got the probation warning. Nothing has happened so far…so I wouldn’t worry about it. Its some sort of glitch.

So far I havent heard of anyone being banned or suspended, ect… I think its more of a scare tactic message than anything.

Relax, dont worry

Yeah, you’re probably right. I have run into an odd amount of ragequitters lately though.

It’s more of a failsafe. When one player or another’s connection isn’t up to par, sometimes the disconnect between the two players can incorrectly register a RQ. This can inevitably impact the experience of the online play, and as a preventative measure the game may be trying to prevent players with continuously bad connection from going into ranked and negatively impacting the online competitive experience. You may not be ragequitting, but bad connections have to be monitored as they can probably register negatively against other online players. Good netcode can only do so much work, but no netcode can fix a bad connection.

Typically, weak wifi can really impact the overall experience, so switching to a wired connection can really help, and prevent disconnects.

I have my Xbox wired and usually have great connections.

It’s not a connection issue from what I know. Just happens since the update, at least for me it has sometimes. My connection is way better than it used to be but no change on that end.

I’ve had a warning even if they were the ones who left, I never actually disconnected unless the game crashed which was only once or twice but during character select and my mid-game.