Probation because my opponents disconnect?!

Hey! Im new to KI multiplayer and have been having a ton of fun shredding through bronze. I recently got into silver, and was quickly notified that I have a suspicious number of wins due to disconnects and that I’m on probation? I had a few guys disconnect on me when they saw they’d have to replay me and another guy who disconnected on me twice in a row(maybe elo dropping) but I’ve never dc’d a match and it seems strange that I’m getting punished for it. What’s the deal?

Dont worry about it… its nothing serious. It just means you no longer receive points when someone disconnects. You will get points for a legit win or loose points for a legit loss. But if someone disconnects from you wont will get 0 points to ensure no one is trying to manipulate the system. Just keep playing and you’ll be fine.