Probation and broken ranked servers (Solved)

I own KI on both Steam and Windows Store. I recently learned that KI’s ranked mode is not shared (but exhibition is), and re-installed the Windows Store version once more. And lo and behold, there are actually people playing it. Which is splendid, I really enjoy KI.

However every time I restart the game, my ranked progress disappears, and I end up with the same 316 points in Bronze. I’m not that bad any more, I ranked that low on the MS version, and then played Steam for a hundred hours or so and got Master there. I can even win games off people with Killer stars (let’s say 20% win rate or so - bad but not Bronze).

Which brings me to the second issue: I keep getting matched against Bronze and Silver players, and they don’t find that very funny. I can understand. My win rate in the last 100 games must be 80%+, not because I’m good, but because I get matched against people with a profile level in the single digits. It’s absolutely unfair: You probably all agree that winning against someone literally mashing buttons is not very difficult.

And here comes the third issue: They keep rage-quitting on me (well d’uh, I can’t even be angry at them for it). One guy quit on me in the lobby about five times in a row. Now I got a probation warning (“too many people have quit against you!”). I am getting punished because my opponents quit on me?

I have contacted XBox support (they can’t help), MS store support (they can’t help), Xbox Twitter (told me to post in the dev support forums) and KI twitter (no reply).

Please fix my account? The MS store works, everything seems fine, but my rank just keeps resetting.

Also the Steam version seems to have trouble connecting to ranked, but then nobody is on that anyway. Would be nice if that was a usable mode as I own more characters on Steam than on the MS store. But I’ll live if it just works!

It kinda sucks that they quit on you and you get the probation warning for that but. Even if you get put on probation all that happens is you don’t get points for the times they disconnect on you. You still get to play and get points for winning just not disconnects.

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Arguably points do not matter to me anyway, because I reset at least once a day to Bronze-316.

I still feels really bad though, and it sucks for all the newbies who are forced to play me.

Oh man I know the feeling. I also had the exact same issue a while back.
Apparently it stems from a setting on your PC, you just need to go to Services > Connected User Experiences and Telemetry and see if its enabled. If your rank keeps resetting, than this setting is probably disabled, and you just need to enable it and start it.
Hope this helps!


Sadly that service is already enabled and running so that was not the issue.

I also tried to enable the Xbox Live Game Save service, but that did not work either. Start game (316), play one match (points go to 314 because I lost to someone with Killer rank), restart game, points are 316 again.

Good attempt though. I suspect it’s something like this, I just don’t know which service / setting / port is not cooperating.

Take a look at the following thread, maybe this is what’s happening in your case.

Outside of that, I’m going to tag @TheMikeRobles and @KRAKENJIMMY just in case.

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While my problem was different, I could fix it! I don’t use spybot.

Reason is I am using a pihole, also to protect my privacy and to get rid of ads and spyware. It blocks by default, but apparently that is required for MS to update my KI savegame. (makes you wonder why one would use the same host for both spyware and savegames, but then again that’s exactly the kind of customer-unfriendly cynical move I would expect)

After whitelisting that it works now. Not that I like having to whitelist spyware, mind you, but at least it’s now obvious.

9 games in and it seems fixed.

@xSkeletalx Thank you.


Glad you were able to get things working!

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