PRIMAL-RAGE: Armadon vs Sauron animation

After much time spent my brother and I finally got this thing done.

Expect more Primal Rage animations later down the road.


I FREAKING LOVE primal rage !!! I wish we could get a new one !!! A primal rage in modern day graphics would look absolutely out of this world .
That was amazing though, great job ! What do you use to make these ??

That was awesome. Loved this game as a kid.

Modeling and Animation was done with Zbrush and 3Dsmax respectively.


I think it’d be awesome with that, but also if we had additional prehistoric monster gods, and hopefully no giant humans.


So did we, which is why we made this.

That’s really cool. Well done gentlemen. It’s always impressive to me when people can put this stuff together, and this is really fun to watch.

I know it sounds picky, but I would just run the text through a spelling and grammar checker to fix some of those typos.

Yeah I’m tinking next time of just typing all that ahead of time, since already have a good idea how we want things to flow.

Also I wonder if anyone saw the tease at the end of the vid.

I hope they saw the teaser after the credits.

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Yes, the tease is very cool. Looking forward to the next one.

Whoa! I didn’t notice until your comment!

As our we. To give you an update, Diablo is obviously finished the other fighter is going to be made soon, but right now, Justathereptile is working on the environment.


and ocne the model for the next fighter is complete we willr eveal him a short tease.

thanks guys for your responses, we have time to wotk on the next one with time.