Primal HD for PS4!

I had no idea Primal was planned to get an HD release on PS4! Saw it in the PS Store just now and bought it immediately! :smiley:
Loved this game on PS2 back in the day. <3

I don’t even no what the heck this is… o - o

It’s awesome!
Well, to put the fanboy-me aside, the gameplay, graphics and camera are rather dated. But I am very nostalgic about this game, so I can look past it. :stuck_out_tongue:
I absolutely love the story and scenario of the game, the characters are really cool, love the designs and the realms they travel to, and the lore of it all is just fascinating to me.

I just waited for a sequel, but it never came. :frowning:

I thought this was about Primal Rage or something…The dream is dead :frowning:

Well, Primal Rage wasn’t very good, imo.
This game is better. ;3

personally I don’t know this game so I can’t tell you if it’s better than PR But seeing as it’s likely not a fighting game I’d dare not compare the two as they are separate genres… This does however not look like a game where you can play as a prehistoric monster gods or anything which is ne thing that makes Primal Rage uniqe. Looks more like you just run around and kill stuff as a human : >

Actually it looks more like you can compare it to the likes of…Cameo was it?

but that’s speaking from an outsider’s perspective and also as an avid Primal Rage lover.

@Blade4693 seems the dream is dead for everyone here : p

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nice hint bro! I might find a copy of this game.

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I kept getting lost on the levels on ps2. It had beautiful environments- I never finished it

I do have it tho - I’m hoping next dimension & marvel ultimate alliance will be available on PS4