Pricing - Not as advertised ($85?)

We are all used to wonky currency conversions, where prices fluctuate a few dollars in either direction (usually not in favour of the customer). Now KI on PC is something else entirely.

The Supreme Edition is ~$85 for me in Switzerland. EIGHTY-FIVE. That’s 170% of what you’re claiming the game costs. Note that Switzerland has a low VAT of 8% and it’s questionable whether that even applies at all for the Windows Store.

It’s pretty clear to me that the Windows Store is just using a completely different price than what’s advertised, and someone is trying to make a quick buck.

Bonus annoyance: Of course my TE does not work on Windows 10 either, but that is not my main gripe right now. $85 is.

I was prepared to give you $50, now you’ll get $0.

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Yeah only a stick that explicitly has x360 drivers in it will work, not just some random ‘pc driver’ and definitely not any ps or even x1 stick. People have been using workaround software for the sticks, but the currency thing… I dunno I wonder if some type of gifting thing can be set up

Not even an official answer? I take it the misleading pricing page is intended?

I wish I could afford to do that to our customers: “Our product is $50. Don’t mind the part in the contract where it says $85.”

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how do other games price up in the region? the pricing is based on USD, if a coutry has its own pricing policy then thats out of the developers hands

Steam prices are nearly identical to US prices, give or take $1 to $2 so the price looks nice. sells at Germany’s prices (€35 for Legacy of the Void) but we Swiss get their 20% VAT deducted. Dark Souls 3 in Germany is 70 EUR (76 CHF), it’s 68 CHF on Steam.

The Supreme Edition is the most expensive game I can buy right now in Switzerland, apart from Collector’s Editions or other gimmicks.

Note that single characters are 4.80 CHF (nearly precisely $4.98). It’s just the Bundles that are nearly double what they should be. It really seems like someone mistyped the bundle prices. At $85, I can buy 21 characters one-by-one, and the bundle is rather pointless.

Even Rise of the Tomb Raider on the Windows Store is only CHF 56.

Seriously, KI is mispriced.

The prices listed were for the US region. Pricing in other regions vary.

I couldn’t download the game yet, can some good Brazilian soul tell me how much will the Supreme Edition hurt my wallet?

Yeah man not sure what they are advertising in Switzerland but according to our exchange rates should be similar to the US dollar. Even with a VAT of 8% it definitely shouldn’t be $85.

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I find it strange that the single characters are priced perfectly normally, and then the bundles are nearly double the normal price. That seems like a mistake, not deliberate.

I waited two years, I can wait another few weeks until they solve the issue, and if they never do or take too long, then my hype is gone and I won’t buy anything at all.

I’m a casual fighting game player, and I will never get $85 worth out of KI.

And here I thought Sweden drew the shortest straw with $71 for the bundle.
Either they messed something up or they’re flat out being greedy. Believe me I love Killer Instinct but that’s just something I will not support.


Yeah… sounds like a mistake… maybe you should contact your regional Microsoft support…
Here in Denmark it’s also around $71 like @hate789 says it is in Sweden…
And we have 25% VAT

Edit: And thats the Xbox version… Can’t really find anything on the PC version, which should be $10 cheaper, so guess that would be like $62 or so


Contacted MS Support, they said this is Iron Galaxy’s choice of price point.

Thanks IG. I like you less than Capcom now, which is quite a feat.

Can’t you just use a free character?

Yep. Saberwolf it is.

Now that I think about it.

I can guarantee you that the pricing is not IG’s decisions…
IG is a hired contractor… they get payed from Microsoft to develop the game, Killer Instinct is Microsofts property.

If you buy a product that is assembled from a company that get their parts made from another company in China, it’s not the chinese manufacturer that sets the price, it’s the company with the product.

Either the support you talked to is an uninformed imbecile, just saying stuff he/she knows nothing about… or is lying through his/her teeth…
Not sure what’s worst

IG might have influence on a lot of things (KNOW they have with most gameplay features)… but at the end of the day, Microsoft is the one calling the shots here… and if they’re against ANYTHING, they do have the power to just overrule and not give a damn (not that it seems like they’re feeling royal like that)

Anyway… my point is, turn your anger towards Microsoft… and my bet is still on an error of sorts, I don’t believe you would be that screwed over in your country, just so they could have a laugh at you… they wanna earn money too, and they do that best if people wanna buy their stuff.
Plus… you said yourself that the other prices were normal.

Out of curiosity, what’s the price of an individual character for you?

Honestly, it sounds like a bad bug.

@Kdansky says in his 3rd post that individual characters are almost exactly 5$ a piece :slight_smile:

I chased this down and we have corrected the price - not sure how long it takes to update on the store but you will find it in line with the other prices in your store and more aligned with the US prices.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


And thank you for handling this (even though a lot of feedback can sound harsh).

I already bought the cheaper bundle (for $40), but Microsoft refunded it with zero issues.

Will go buy Supreme Edition when the price changes.

Thanks TC! Wonderful game you guys made there.

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