Preorder KI Gold Issues

So I preordered KI Season 3 and got the KI Gold that came with it. When I started the update (it’s still downloading at the time of me writing this) all of that KI gold that i received is now gone. Anyone know why?

Please take advantage of the search function here on the forums - this has been discussed in several threads, including a couple already created today. Using the search function rather than creating a new thread will help us cut down on duplicate topics!

Closing and reopening the game, or doing a full reboot of the console will typically fix the “disappearing” KI Gold issue, try powering down the console completely, then turning it back on and checking the game again.

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Ok and sorry about that. Will search next time.

Ok so I both did a hard reboot and contacted Xbox support and no change. Anything else I should do?

Did the update fully install at this point? And you’re still not seeing the Gold?

It’s at 79% right now. Will update when it is fully updated.

Ok it’s been fully downloaded for a while now and still no KI gold appearing.

Are you sure you didn’t spend it? :smirk:

I wouldn’t have done that, I saved it just for the premium costumes that you could only buy with KI gold.

Im in the same boat, i just started playing right after the update was finished and i go to look at the accessories and noticed i have no gold and i had it yesterday.

I called Xbox support and they said get in touch with iron Galaxy so…yeah here I am lol

I pre ordered as well and I never got the gold. Was wondering if anyone had that same problem. Same problem meaning didn’t get the gold period.

@rukizzel or @TempusChaoti, do you guys have any suggestions beyond those I was able to provide?

I have the same issues! Before the update was installing I have the 18000 KI Gold, after the Update there is 0 KI Gold! I try to restart the xbo, log off and log in with the gamer tag! I hope there is a bug not a mistake from myself

At least you guys got to see it. I never even saw the 18000 ki gold

Anything? Lol

The best I could do was tag those guys, remember that I’m a Community Moderator, not someone who works for either company.

Oh no, nothing against you man. I was actually hoping that it was going to go to them as well. I really do thank you for everything that you’ve done this whole time.

I have the same issue. I preordered season 3, recieved 18000 gold, and then about a week later it was all gone. I have tried everything I can think of. I have even deleted my console save data and uninstalled the whole game, and reinstalled it. Still nothing. Any ideas?