Preferences about streaming

What do you guys prefer?

  • commetary
  • gameplay alone
  • Camera plus the ones above

Do you have fun watching the person in the stream or the audio is enough? I’m lazy to take my kinect with me to use it for a stream so I would like to know.
IMO the camera is not really important compared to the gameplay, though it could be fun to watch reactions, lol.
Commetary on the other hand, it’s something I appreciate it (unless is bashing the game or the other player for the whole stream).

Interaction however, I find to be the hardest thing. And active chat (while you are focused in the game) can be hard to follow, but it can be cool when ppl say things that either help the streamer or give tips/info about the game.


Although a camera would be nice if you’re willing to show yourself, the best streams I like to watch interact with the viewers with a mic. At minimum, I believe it is a good idea to use at least a mic and to interact with the chat. That’s what I’m doing once I get enough money to buy a decent mic.


The best is where you can see the person and hear them. IMO

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The best streams are the ones when the streamer talks to the people in the chat.


It is cool, but in my case for instance it’s not that I don’t want to but I find kind of hard to read everything. Sometimes I may be so focused in the fight/game that I can miss things ppl say. Anyway, not that my chat has a lot of ppl, but when they talk to me and I miss it (even a Hello) I feel bad later when I realized it. Also is easier in my language but playing and trying to speak in English is another challenge lol. Still, I like the idea too, it’s fun when you can talk to the streamer. Still I get that very popular streamers can’t follow the chat much.

Facecam is ok, chat interaction is almost mandatory unless you have a huge fanbase and chat floes a mile a second. Fighting games require some focus so it’s understandable during a set for things to get quiet, but things get explained in down parts or mid rounds where you verbally say, I need to watch for this, or take some chat advice and apply it if you see it in time.

Agreed…when streaming on Xbox you cant see the chat on the side like you can on PS4. So you have to open up your PC or laptop on the side and run your Twitch Dashboard in order to see the chat. hats not always a good idea as it can take up bandwidth and lag your stream.

I only pull up the chat on my laptop when streaming non online games like Shadows of war or wolfenstien.

I get it. I didn’t mean that you need to respond to every single thing that is asked or said. I also understand that trying to speak in another language quickly could be a pain. Trying to translate in your head as you ar playing a game. He’ll I know I would Struggle with that.

I do have one don’t that I forgot before.

DON’T USE A TIP JAR. I think it looks so tacky when people do that. Right away it shows me that they care more about making money than just enjoying a video game. They also most likely will play whatever game gets them the most money. I get it “they” want to make money while they play. So do the rest of us!

Nah, I stream just for fun, I don’t expect much from it. Just share the games I love whenever I have time to stream them too =)

But I get your point.

Oh, and for the chat I put my cellphone twitch app in chat mode XD

You can see twitch chat on Xbox one while streaming. Unless they changed it? You snap twitch to the side of the screen. I used to do it but the original Xbox One or even the Xbox One S couldn’t handle processing twitch chat and a game at the same time. The console was that bad…

You can no longer Snap twitch…ever since MIxer was released they removed Snap from Twitch.

All of the above. I love watching and hearing the hype of others, it adds to the entertainment value a lot. Especially when you and the commentators go nuts at the same moment, or when someone pops off or jokes around. =

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