Prediction at end of Arbiter tease?

So does anyone think it’ll be Tusk or newcommer? I’m almost certain the next character won’t be a guest but seeing the formula from Season 2 was male,female,male,female, my guess is it will be a new female character and Tusk will appear 5th or 7th in Season 3.

I think vampire would be the next . Hope nope a female vampire for better effect “lord Dracula” Castlevania.

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I would like another female character. So, for me, I think Mira would be a great opportunity to be made into a vampire.

My mains are all female.

Riptor, Hisako and Aria.

Since Rukari said we’ll know about the final stage soon and I firmly believe that Tusk will get his own stage, I’m gonna go with him. Although I would be very happy to see Mira as well.

If Tusk does share a stage, I’m willing to bet he’ll share his with Arbiter because Arbiters stage looks most similar to Tusk’s. That’s another question Id like to ask the devs, if we are only getting 3 stages, does that mean the new characters will share their stages with the other cast members or have no stage all together?

I don’t remember Aliens being in tusks stage it was just stone pillars and stone floor.I still believe tusk will have his own stage.

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I’m interested to know it too

I really do hope it’s Tusk. I’ve been pondering how he’ll look in Season 3 since 2013 when the game was first announced!

My guess is that it might be another guest character

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Probably a new character. Tusk may be next in line after. We’ve got a guest, returning character, guest so far. Its a good bet that Tusk is next, but I’m hoping for an original one first.

No more guest characters(!) At least for now.


Are we only getting 2 guests? I don’t recall Adam saying they’rd only be 2 but he did say more than 1.

That’s what I’m thinking. I do think that Tusk will have the final season 3 stage because he’s one of the main protagonists of Season 3 and the most requested character. But I’m pretty sure it’ll be new character but I think he’ll be 5th or 6th for sure.

So it’s Wednesday now. Still no tease?? Game is dead!!!

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:scream::astonished::rage::weary::no_mouth::neutral_face: liar.

I know right, we’re 15 hours into Wednesday on this side of the world, still no teaser. Frankly, I doubt I’ll pick up S3 Ultra Edition because of this. IG has really disappointed me and all of their fans.

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Tusk or a new female fighter!


Will we see the last stage as well in the teaser??

Okay, here’s what the teaser is gonna look like:


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