Predator Stance LK Shadow Counter Bug?

I apologize for not having video footage of this, but this can be replicated in practice mode easily. The purpose of predator stance LK is to obtain frame advantage on the opponent and discourage the opponent from shadow countering her more mixup-y follow-ups from predator stance. I’ve been running into an issue where people can shadow counter the first hit of the LK follow-up without being hit by the second. This has only been an issue in Season 3. This defeats the purpose of having a difficult-to-shadow counter option from predator stance and basically makes every single mixup off of it easily shadow counter-able on the first hit. After observing this in practice mode, I believe the issue may be due to a disappearing hitbox on the second hit after shadow countering the first.

It’s not a bug. Shadow counters are faster in S3.

Everyone can SC it now. Does noone read the patch notes?

I know they got faster in Season 3. My issue here is that if you shadow counter something like, say, the second hit of Cinder’s LP target combo, you can still get hit by the third if he follows through. The length of time between the two hits is is comparable to the space between the hits of Riptor’s predator stance LK. My question is why doesn’t this have the same effect.

Did you actually study the frame data of the hits?

Yes, but I have yet to figure out exactly how many frames the opponent has to do something on block. I have, however, seen that exact situation with Cinder happen in the 8-bit beatdown top 16 in a match between Fluffypup and Tyzo.

It happens at 18:37.

No it’s slower then cinders’ TC. By how much…don’t know.

Well, that sucks. The original purpose of that move in S2 was to apply pressure and make SC’s difficult. Now, all anybody has to do against predator stance is SC. It’ll actually beat every normal option Riptor has, outside of making an insane and unsafe read.

I thought leaving yourself plus on block was the point of that option, but w/e.

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thats part of the game unfortunately, but If you sniff the SC coming out, just cancel predator to throw or a real punish.

Double edged sword.