Pre-World Cup Interview with BH Thompxson and LCD

In light of the heated rivalry between Thompson and LCD, I met up with the both of them so they could answer some questions. I’ll let the link above speak for itself. Enjoy!

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Any worthwhile info besides a measuring contest on the other side of that link?

Try reading to find out. That’s what the link is there for. :slight_smile:

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Good stuff Blake, interesting perspective on both ends. I know that they have been playing it up a bit, but by no means is this “fake.” I can actually see the disgust in LCD towards any up and coming Jago player. Though, in this case, Thompxson aims to prove and defend his title, which Grimmmz failed to do.

It will be interesting to see who comes out on top. Despite character strengths and weaknesses, this will certainly come down to who is more focused and has the most to prove.

I’m not betting, but my money goes to Thompxson, 10-8.

It’s going to be hype either way.

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Not really interested if it is indeed only a discussion of who’s the better who and so forth.

Thompson is going to wreck LCD plain and simple. I cant wait to see it LIVE.