Pre-Post Match Banter

This game needs inter-character interactions. A bit of pre-match banter, a line at least shouted to the other fighter challenging them or begging them not to fight, as many games do these days. The characters feel like they have absolutely nothing to do with each other in-game, and the static pre-post match lines feel weird in certain context, such as Omen/Gargos and Orchid/Any ‘Good’ Guy.

Would it be too much to ask for some actual conversation to occur between characters?

I’m grasping at straws because of a general lack of understanding to the characters and their feelings towards each other, but… something simple like… in the case of Omen vs Gargos, could just have an exchange like this:

With Omen in 1P position:
Omen: "The world is ripe for the taking, master."
Gargos: “And yet YOU find it fit to challenge me?”

With Gargos in 1P position:
Gargos: "I question your fealty, Omen."
Omen: “I will show you what I’m capable of, ‘master’.”

Post match
Omen: "My power has surpassed that of a ‘God!’ Hahahaha!"
Gargos: “Your wings are now clipped, slave.”

Just as a simple example. Since the character’s feelings towards each other really have not been explored, at all really due to a dearth of in-game interactions I don’t have a lot to go by, but seriously, the characters need to talk to each other. The characters feel so hollow with static phrases :confused:

There is one accidentally

Raam on p1 vs eyedol on p2 at the beginning

And somehow its pretty cool


I would just like for them to clear up how bloody insane/delusional Orchid is. She kills TJ, Omen, Sabrewulf, any guest, the Shadow Lords, HER OWN BROTHER - and somehow she’s one step closer to flushing out UltraTech? I don’t think so…

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Yeah that was the only one that sorta flowed together pretty well. Everything else is just the characters going through the motions at the beginning and end of the match.

Would love to see something like Orchid vs TJ interacting:

With Orchid in 1P:

“Alright TJ.” flik-flaks "Let’s see whatcha got."
TJ: “I was gonna say the same thing.” punches “Get that guard up!”

With TJ in 1P:

“You know you’re kinda nuts, right?” punches
Orchid: “Oh really?” flik flaks “Says the guy that’s been staring at my ■■■.”

post match
Orchid: "I guess you just don’t have what it takes."
TJ: “Normally wouldn’t hit a lady, but, good match. Yeah!”

This would be neat, but it seems like NRS (NetherRealm Studios) is known for that kind of thing now. Using it like that may seem weird, and may start an Uproar from the MKX Community. Who knows. Lol

Do it like guilty gear or sf5 and have post game win screen with words showing what the victor says in response to winning.

This way riptor can get something even though she can’t speak english. The subtitles or words would show what she is thinking and indeed riptor can think since she is as smart as a human

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That would be neat. Too bad I didn’t think to mention that as a suggestion during the survey when they were asking what kind of new content to focus on first.

It would be nice to have Orchid not say the “flushing out ultratech” line when she beats someone like Jago or Rash.


Thinking solely from an accessibility standpoint here, this would be a bad idea as then those who can’t see or have trouble reading the text would get nothing or very little out of it. Other than that, the pre/post-match interactions? I’m all for it. Heaven knows it might get NRS writing some better dialogue if IG can top their efforts.

I doubt it would cause any sort of uproar. Pre-match conversation has been a thing for awhile now, just that NRS went into more detail than most would bother. UMVC3 even has some pre/post match banter before the typed dialog. SF has also been doing unique intros prior to the start of each match since Alpha.

In this case, not a lot would need to be changed, other than recording lines of dialog depending on the matchup and then synching it with their usual animation appropriately. For those that can’t talk, they can make custom warbles with subtitled text. Nothing too complex, really.

actually something like this is already being done in KI. if i remember correctly in the IG broadcast of shadow lords when sabrewolf was about to fight gargos in the ready screen there were subtitles which read “i will rip apart your astral body!”

if shadow lord is received well especially the story and pre fight banter maybe they will bring it into multi player. i definitely wouldnt mind in the loading screen where it says Ready they add the subtitles banter.

This still needs to be a thing for the intros and outros, with actual recorded, spoken dialog.