Pre-order on PC

I feel like I’m not the only one in this situation, so I felt it was worth asking.

I don’t have an Xbox One, but I know that I definitely want the Complete Edition of the game for PC. Basically, I want to buy everything, including all chars, Shago, Season 3, retros, etc. How much is this going to cost me? Note that I can’t get the seasons when they are on sale on Xbox, because they would need to be authenticated on the Xbox One to work on my PC. Hopefully it’s cheaper on PC because I doubt they would include the classic titles.

Basically, I’m asking if Killer Instinct will cost me more than $60 for the game. Is it going to be like MKX, where at launch the game cost $60, then they added DLC (so I would have to buy what is currently the complete edition (includes S1+S2 ultra), and S3 ultra, and Shago for a total of $105) or is it like MKXL (so they come out with a new complete edition that includes everything and costs $60)? As a side note, will it ever be possible for me to get Shago?

i’m in the same situation, just made a post in this thread : No information for PC players?

I don’t have much information to give you, but this is actually wrong. If you have purchased any piece of KI content (even if it’s just through the website) it will be available to use when you install the PC version.

The only thing you would need to sign into an Xbox One for would be to carry over progress (Character XP, Player XP, color/accessory unlocks etc) you have already made on the Xbox version of the game. If you DID have Xbox progress but did not log back into KI on the Xbox before starting the PC version, you would be starting from scratch; you’d own whatever content you had purchased, but all characters would be at level 1, and anything that can be unlocked through XP and leveling would be locked again.

Take a look at this thread, there’s a video with a timestamp for an explanation by @TheKeits.

Regarding Shadow Jago, one of the FAQs or streams implied he will be available for purchase at different times; for example he was available to purchase for several weeks in December/January. Take this with a grain of salt, but I suspect that he’ll be available shortly after launch day, if not ON launch day.

There hasn’t been a reveal of an “all three seasons” bundle, but I heavily expect there will be one. There should be at least one hefty blog post/stream/News update this week, so we might find out about things like that at that time.

I’m kinda waiting on news before I go and pre-order/buy stuff on the Xbox store for when the PC drops.
Are there any sales going on for the whole Gold thing? Is there sort of a free trial so I can go ahead and get said sales without having to do a whole subscription?

If you have never had a Gold account, you can sign up for a one month free trial. You could also check with friends (or Ebay) to see if you can find a 1-3 day trial card, since some games come with them, and many people seem to just have some on hand. Offhand I couldn’t say whether this allows you to access the Gold deals/sales/games, but I THINK that it does.

One important thing to note which PC players seemed to misunderstand in January;

Games With Gold (the free downloadable copies of games) only applies WHILE YOUR ACCOUNT IS GOLD. So if you download a free copy of something, you will lose access to it when your Gold subscription runs out. This seems to have affected some players who downloaded the Season 1 Ultra edition for free in January.

Deals With Gold (special sales only available to Gold members) only runs a deal for a limited time, but whatever you buy will be fully owned and available whether you keep an active Gold subscription or not. Currently, Season 2’s Ultra Edition is available for $13.20 through Deals With Gold; less than you’d pay for the Combo Breaker version (the one without all the costumes etc) of the same season.

Yeah I heard people having those issues as well. But I have PS Plus so I know all about that life.

I don’t care for downloading any free games since I can’t technically play 'em but if I can get the deals then i’m all good.

Oh hey real quick, how long do the deals with gold last?

Offhand, I don’t actually know.

The Xbox site might tell you either how long a specific deal is still available, or how long deals generally run for, though.

the 24 to 48 hour gold cards dont allow you access to the gold deals. I can confirm this. It has to be a month or more to get that access.

thank you XSkeletalx i’m really looking foward for more information.

That makes sense. Then i’ll sign up for a Month trial in that case