Practice mode online?

@developers Is there a way that we can practice online?
I mean, i would like to get some friends into this game and explain how everything works; shadow moves, combos; counter moves,…
So i wonder is there some kind of online mode that i can invite a friend and put all the bars (instinct and shadow) full like in regular practice?
Is there an option that IG can add this into exhibition private please?
Nobody of my friends want to play KI cause its difficult they say. (Combo system a lot different from ‘injustice, mkx’). I want them get into KI and explain in PRIVATE EXHIBITION but can you guys add an option to fill up the shadow bars, instinct bars and infinite health?
That would be awesome and no need to add an extra practice mode online.
@developers please think about it. This would be awesome and we could get some NEW players into KI.
Thank you very much.

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Just wondering, does SFV has this?

An online training mode is something the community has been asking for a long time. It would have been cool to have it.