Power Rangers Movie 2017 Official Teaser Trailer

If you guys are a huge fan of Power Rangers or even followed it to some extent, this is the movie for you. Keep in mind, watch with the lowest expectations and reserve judgment until another trailer comes out:

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Tbh, it doesn’t seem really much like Power Rangers to me. Just a random movie with kids that have superpowers. It is just a teaser though so I will wait until the actual thing comes out.

Not bad, not bad at all

Looking back on it though, it’s one of those franchises that’s open to interpretation, in which the concept in itself is outlandish and somewhat farfetched. Like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, or any other number of ideas, Power Rangers is something that is an idea that only lives or fails based more or less on the execution. That’s why we’ve seen good Turtles movies like the first 2 originals with the Jim Henson creature shop costumes, and bad ones like the Michael Bay version, and the same can be said with the Ghostbuster films having the original awesome films and the mediocre to slightly awful whatever the new one is, depending on the reviewer. I haven’t seen it, so I’m going to reserve judgment, I can only go off of website reviews and other sources critiquing the film.

That said, the Power Rangers is another nostalgic concept that in itself is just as @Sasuke99I described. All the original show was, when you actually think about it, was merely a random show with high school kids with superpowers. The idea is simplistic, but workable enough to where such a simplistic and maybe somewhat outlandish idea can work.

Adding to that, given that they seem to want to keep some core aspects of the old show updated with new concepts, they seem to be doing what the new Ghostbusters (apparently) did not, and are honoring the old while making something newer to move into the future with an audience that has no doubt matured since they first watched it years ago, while introducing the concept to a new audience in a manner that doesn’t fly over their heads. There are several sources I’ve watched and read that said for all the new film didn’t do right, a lot of people enjoyed the new action scenes where they are fighting the ghosts, and points out some of the flaws in the old films that we can finally see as dated.

I honestly hold some good hopes for this one. I’m not going out on a limb and gonna say it’ll be a blockbuster, but I actually have a little confidence in this one. If it’s not really that fantastic, it should at the least be entertaining. I’m not ruling it out. Elizabeth Banks version of Rita Repulsa is actually a pretty cool concept, and from this little trailer, my curiosity is piqued as far as the character development and the core concept.

Hmmm, I think I’m gonna stay skeptical for this.

As much as I like stories having dark and serious tones, because of my occasional lack of tolerance for some sh.t acting “cheesy” and “campy” are prone to being downright stupid and immature, I can’t really say that the Power Rangers will pass off with “flying colors”. There’s just a good chance (but not completely sure) that it might suffer for some generic stuff like bad acting, undeveloped story and characters that won’t help differentiate it from other incarnations.

But I will say this, I like the armor they’re wearing now, despite it looks like Iron Man’s. At least its better than wearing stitch-up crap that other power rangers wear.

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Interesting. I kind of like that you wouldn’t know it’s power rangers until the end. Most of these adaptation movies play up the nostalgia angle really hard so that was refreshing. Still skeptical though.

I was open minded going into this and now, guardedly excited.

I grew up in the Power Rangers mythos heavily but it dropped for me around when i started college. The only series i watched after the main and first couple revisions were SPD. Good stuff, that one.

For me,a 2 minute trailer hit alot of the right notes for me. NO ZORDS, core rangers, and a feeling of “what’s old is new again.” So im crossing my fingers on this one.

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Yup yup. It’s a teaser trailer. The good real power ranger stuff like costumes and zords shouldn’t be shown yet and I hope won’t be spoiled in other trailers(well. One scene with the transformation but only as the final trailer but that’s it)

Focusing on the kids was a good idea I feel

She gona be free after 11000 years this time?

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That was supposed to be Rita? Wow. I was really stumped trying to figure out who the big bad is.

I agree with most of your points, and am going to reserve judgement until I watch it, but I really think this looks good for a Power Rangers movie. The last good one being the first one with Ivan Ooze.

Wernt there only two? The original and the one that was like a long episode to Turbo? Just with better costumes and more boobies?

I must have been thinking of the “Zedd’s Monster Mash” which I had on tape. Which came out before the first full length movie. You’re right though. There was only 2 movies.

seeing how they get superpowers outside the suits bothers me a bit as do the designs of the zords and suits and junk, but Ill begrudgingly check it out
. Seeing that theyre basically all punks in this interpretation is pretty cool.

Really getting a Chronicles vibe from the trailer which isn’t surprising since Max Landis worked on the script, I hope it isn’t as dark however.

Even though I’ve never seen these two awful particular films (and probably never will), but how depressing could it be if this Power Rangers movie were to end up being as bad as FANT4STIC, or worse, The Last Faiibender?

From what I saw it looks really promising. I honestly got a Pacific Rim vibe from it, and that movie was pretty cool.

One thing I gotta say though, although I don’t mind what they’ve done with Rita, I’m surprised nobody’s made a Zed & Rita Make a Porno joke yet considering who’s playing her.

The Last Failbender? You mean Dragon Ball Devolution.

I’ll probably watch it.

Don’t…remind me…of that…atrocity.

Hmm… I liked what I saw: Jason, Billy, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini. Now, where’s Tommy?