Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid


I know the game still looks like in early development (Which it is) however this a Power Rangers fighting game that i been waiting for



There’s not much available in terms of gameplay, it is an intriguing concept though. 3v3 with 15 characters seems quite limited to be honest.


I know but the developers are listening to the feedback (unlike some developers) where they have noticed that the hit stops are slowing down the gameplay and combos which by the way they are gonna fix it before the games release.


A new Trailer for Power Rangers Battle for the Grid has arrived


I know people arn’t that happy about the hit stop but I doubt many casual players will care. So long as they make the game fun first and foremost.

Ideal wish list roster for the remaining would be:

Riki/King Ranger (Gold Zeo Ranger)

White Tiger Ranger (Maybe as a skin)

Geki Red (Jungle Fury. Again maybe as skin but nunchaku ■■■■ it)

Orion Kyuranger (Orion Silver Super Megaforce)

Blue Mage MagiBlue (Blue Ranger Mystic Force)


Rita Repulsa

Lord Zedd



Octomus the Master

EDIT: You can’t say a four letter word that rhymes with dam?


Last Chance to see the Power Rangers Battle for the Grid stream today starts soon.



2 New trailers for Battle for the Grid is out and the gameplay looks so much better.


Looks like he might be coming to the game after all, but maybe as dlc or part of the season pass.


Also they have announced three new characters coming via a FREE update. These characters are not part of the season pass and are completely free.