Potential No leak discussion thread

Sorry I’m late! Whoops!

Facepalm. Get ready to get closed.

Lol I figured but did you guys already know about this?

I got this devs.

Honestly if they close it then that just confirms it’s true

All other leak threads have been closed. Talking about a leak,fake or real is a violation of the ToU

Hurry up and change the first post.

Since this thread will be closed,spam time.

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Just because this thread will be closed soon.


Enjoy your possible ban from the forums for breaking your User Agreement.

This subject is really heartbreaking for me. It has undermined the whole presentation of the upcoming season.

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It is me, or is this thread lasting longer than most?

It’s heartbreaking because of all of IG presentation work that is ruined.

It was spoiled for me several days ago under a deceptive title. You’re late to the party.

Oh my bad dude this is the first I’ve heard about it so I just thought I would let everyone else know