Potential Nerf: All of Kan-Ra's Sand Moves inflicts potential damage to himself

Whirlwind, his command grab, and his non-sand normals won’t change. But the spamming of Swarms and Spikes continue to add potential damage to Kan-Ra each time he uses them. And So does his normals that uses sand like his Punt and Dive-Kick. Each time you do a sand move, it doesn’t have to equal the amount of potential damage that Sandplosion does, but it can’t be significant enough that spamming the moves involves some risk.

This way, Zoners aren’t as thoughtless with their methods and they can still do the crazy stuff that they like to do.

No, it’s far too broken (against him) as those are resources that he uses ALL OF THE TIME. I shudder to think about how quickly he would die if Cinder hit him with his burnout enders, Thunder’s shadow call of the earth ender, or Aganos’ wall-crash enders while he was already taking potential damage from himself. It would nerf him so badly that he wouldn’t be worth playing at all. Although, I will say it befits the character’s concept of being affected by various miracles and curses…


Removing his attacks all together would be a smaller nerf than this.


If you do this then you have to add a few ways to gain health. Like his grab, scorpion sting and his command grab don’t cost p. Health to use but heals him a bit

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I would be ok with this.

Seems a bit much. I can somewhat understand if only one special move like sand traps move causes damage but all sand moves? Too much. Only moves that uses sand trap? Seems a bit more fair.

And of course instinct remove the health cost of sand attacks. And I guess an ender that also absorbs hp? Or would that be too much

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Possibly. Pd on sandtraps don’t seem too bad as sand explosion a sandtrap move already does this. It makes sense. Since insticnt makes it that you don’t need a sand trap to do sand trap moves,it also makes sense to remove the pd on sand trap moves as well.

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Sorry, not on board with you on this one.

Kan-Ra nerfs should be making his Shadow Scarab linker a Mash-Break just like Whirl. Make Ant-Lion devour alot of KV, and take away that silly ■■■ Scarab unbreakable bullshit that Sleep has mastered. Scarabs also cannot trade, if you hit a Scarab you destroy it that’s it. No more of that unnecessary trading crap that Glacius and Hisako have to deal with when they want to destroy a scarab. The trap is good without it destroying my advances and costing health when I clearly smash it away.

As for a buff, decrease that Sandplosion recovery by about 10 frames jesus christ IG. Also Reduce the amount of active frames on Kan-Ra’s wall-bounce, the thing almost leaves him Neutral compared to Riptor whose positive by 10,000 frames.

A nerf that Keits hinted at on stream yesterday was the cashout on his shadow command grab. He said something along the lines of “This type of character should not be able to do that kind of damage wink wink

Kan is fine as he is. The only player that does well with him in Tournaments is Sleep and he is switching to Aria and Glacius often.

Not saying Kan isn’t good but for a Tournament character he has some big flaws. He starts the game with a disadvantage because everyone can get in on him for free. If his combos get broken he is also on a bigger disadvantage than everyone else. If Kan messes up the sandsplosion (in case he has one available) he is done.

If you don’t use his flaws it is your own fault being in world of swarms.

I would laugh my ■■■ off if he hits season 3 with no changes at all. Learn the matchup guys.

EDIT: or just keep whining. He will be nerfed to the ground anyway. Was fun having a keepaway char that doesn’t suck in a fighting game. RIP kan

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My issue with Kan has never been that he’s OP or unfair. It’s that the way you have to play against him is not fun. I play the game to have fun and this character kills the fun for me. And that’s absolutely subjective and before you take that step and assume I’m some noob who hate’s “spamming”. I respect the hell out of zoning and I typically don’t mind dealing with it. But this character in particular kills the fun for me. Again that has nothing to do with whether or not he’s fair or needs to be nerfed.

This game is full of BS almost every character can do. The breaker system evens it out and as I said before, Kan suffers a lot from getting broken. I can understand that you don’t like fighting him. In fact I didn’t like the mirror match myself until I figured out how to play against him (mostly by getting destroyed by rush down playstyles as I was playing Kan)

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Bottom line; If you think what top level Kan-Ra does is, as you stated, “thoughtless”, I urge you to try it out for yourself in ranked and in tournaments and see how far you can take Mr. Ra.



Keits I trust you to save Kan. I know you have to change him to calm the masses but I am sure you gonna give him something, too.

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There might nerf the damage you get once your clutch impacts the opponent. Even I was like “Damn…” when I saw that cash-out.

@TheKeits Please Don’t Let Them Destroy My Precious!!!

You know, now that I’m looking at him, Smeagol looks like a Mini Kan-Ra. “You will not longer need this nerf”

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I don’t mind the slight damage nerf, I’m cool with that… Zoners tend to work for their damage anyways…

Kan isn’t as busted as people think tbh… Everyone has a means of busting his chops, and closing the gap. I’ve even seen Thunder players go in and wreck shop without heavily relying on instinct.

As for being “thoughtless”, I’m climbing through ranks, and I had to take a few beatings while figuring out ways to be creative with setups and forcing opponents to move, especially against Hisako, Shago, and a few Riptor players. I picked Kan Ra because he forced me to think harder, rather than just straight spam. This is coming from someone who usually plays rushdown characters in other fighting games…

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