Potential glitch (not sure)

I love to play as boulder boy and I noticed something peculiar in training mode. I set up a wall and was practicing different combos into wall crash and I was curious to see if I could combo a payload assault into a wall crash. To my surprise, the rock flew forward from Aggie’s chest but vanished as soon as it got close (not touching) the wall. It didn’t hit the target. Help is appreciated

It’s not a gflitch or bug. It’s a balance mechanic that was put into place from the very moment he was released. You have to wait until it hits to do the ruin. :wink:

Some of my favorite wall-crash setups:

  • c.HP on hit into ruin/s.ruin
  • j.HP on hit into s.LP into ruin/s.ruin
  • s.payload assault on hit into ruin/s.ruin
  • s.HK on hit into s.payload assault into ruin/s.ruin

Really, you can cancel almost anything into ruin (with the exception of b.LP and c.HK), but those are my faves.

EDIT: m.ruin and h.ruin can be blocked after many normals (test this in practice mode to see for yoursel), but l.ruin and s.ruin always work.

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